ALTAVA Group and bemyfriends Sign Strategic Partnership to Expand the Global Fandom Business Connecting NFTs

Partnership to serve as a strategic alliance for connecting NFT projects in real life (IRL) and building exclusive communities for NFT holders. bemyfriends and ALTAVA Group have committed to exploring opportunities to enlarge the scale of their business in the creator economy market.

Seoul, Korea, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global fandom business startup, bemyfriends signed a business agreement with fashion metaverse company, ALTAVA Group, to serve as a strategic partner for connecting NFT projects in real life (IRL) and building exclusive communities for NFT holders. 

The partnership follows shortly after ALTAVA identified the need to incorporate bemyfriends’ hero solution, b.stage, an all-in-one, web-based SaaS solution, enabling brands and creators to manage their own membership communities and global e-commerce based on their content and IP.  With the expertise of bemyfriends products and services that help global brands and creators closely communicate with fans, express their creativity, and monetize, ALTAVA Group is confident that this will bring further value to its brand partners. 

In signing the agreement, bemyfriends and ALTAVA Group have committed to exploring opportunities to enlarge the scale of their business in the creator economy market based on bemyfriends’ technology and expertise and ALTAVA Group’s IP. Starting with this business agreement, bemyfriends will expand its services that support fandom businesses online and offline to lay a foundation for a true creator economy. 

In particular, bemyfriends plans to support the establishment of IT infrastructure for online and offline connection of BAGC KOREA NFT, a joint project between ALTAVA Group and Elite Apes, and will also provide goods planning, shop operation, and logistics service. Utilizing b.stage’s features, it will build an IP holder-only community for Bored Ape Golf Club Korea (BAGC Korea) NFTs and support active communication among NFT holders. In addition, through NFT certification, it will also enable holders to order exclusive products utilizing their IP and support BAGC golf course reservation functions. The two companies are expected to continue to explore and closely cooperate for business expansion.

“ALTAVA’s mission is to help brands explore the opportunities between the IRL and Web3. The partnership with bemyfriends will help us to further expand on this. BAGC (Bored Ape Golf Club) NFT, is a natural way for us to start the process since the project works in reverse and showcase how the IRL can also benefit the Web3.” said Andy Ku, CEO of ALTAVA group.

“bemyfriends continues to expand various solutions, services, and partnerships that allow creators and brands to freely launch their own fandom business in any field,” said Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends. “We propose a new paradigm that can create and expand the creator economy, including a strategic partnership with ALTAVA Group, and create an environment where anyone can become a subject in their own fandom. We will expand the development of fandom business solutions and integrated services for IP holders.”

About Altava:

ALTAVA Group is a Singapore-based company with offices in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and Paris. ALTAVA is the luxury fashion metaverse that enables users to discover, interact, and express themselves through a high-fidelity avatar. The company operates with WOY (World of You), a metaverse that provides Omni-platform experiential solutions which seamlessly connect consumers to the real-world and virtual world for high-end luxury brands and discerning partners.

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About bemyfriends:

Founded in January of 2021, bemyfriends is the first global fandom business startup. It develops products and services that help creators, artists, and iconic brands build strong, lasting businesses and happy fans. Its hero solution, the bespoke platform builder b.stage, is an all-in-one, web-based SaaS solution that provides all the technologies, content, commerce, and community services creators need to manage their fandom business. bemyfriends also offers a variety of services spanning e-shop operations, physical merchandise, and global logistics. Check out bemyfriends’ newest b.stage-branded videos to learn more about innovations optimized for the fandom industry. For more information about bemyfriends, visit

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