South Africa Gambling Industry Report 2022: Current State of the Industry - Casinos and Online Gambling, Limited Payout Machines, Horse Racing and Sports Betting & the Lottery

Dublin, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The South African Gambling Industry 2022" report has been added to's offering.

This report focuses on the gambling industry and includes information on the state of the industry including casinos and online gambling, limited payout machines, horse racing and sports betting and the lottery. It includes information on influencing factors such as regulation, major players and developments.

There are profiles of 23 companies such as major players in casinos Tsogo Sun Holdings, Sun International and Peermont Global, horse racing operators 4Racing and Gold Circle, lottery operator Ithuba and sports and online betting companies such as Netbet (Sportingbet) and various gambling boards and regulators.

The Gambling Industry in South Africa

The gambling industry is recovering from the loss of business during the pandemic when casinos and bars were shut. However, industry sources say casino and bingo revenues are still below pre-pandemic levels, with the rebound being driven by betting and limited payout machines. The effects of the lockdown resulted in a shift in market share, largely to online betting.

This trend is expected to continue, as the steady decline in the revenue market share of casinos has been going on for years. New products and the borderless online environment bring direct competition to traditional gambling establishments and deprive the country of licensing and tax revenue.


Some of the most popular forms of gambling in South Africa include casino betting, sports betting, and bingo. The industry is growing despite the poor economy, driven by online and sports betting. Illegal online gambling is difficult to monitor and regulate.

The popularity of horse racing has been declining in recent years in favour of sports betting. South Africa's sports betting sector centres around rugby, soccer, cricket, and horse racing. Bets can also be placed on the top US sports leagues.

Key Topics Covered:


2.1. Industry Value Chain
2.2. Geographic Position
2.3. Size of the Industry
2.4. Key Success Factors and Pain Points

3.1. State of the Industry
3.2. Key Trends
3.3. Notable Players
3.4. Corporate Actions
3.5. Regulations
3.6. Enterprise Development and Social Economic Development



6.1. COVID-19
6.2. Economic Environment
6.3. Illicit Gambling, Fraud, and other Criminal Activities
6.4. Rising Operational Costs
6.5. Labour
6.6. Negative Social Consequences of Gambling
6.7. Technology, Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation

7.1. Competition
7.2. Ownership Structure of the Industry
7.3. Barriers to Entry




11.1. Publications
11.2. Websites

Companies Mentioned

  • 190 Flamingo LLC
  • 3535 LV Corp
  • 3535 LV Parent LLC
  • 4Racing (Pty) Ltd
  • AC Conference Holdco
  • AJP Holdings
  • Anytime Power (Pty) Ltd
  • Aster Insurance Ltd
  • Ballys
  • Baluma
  • Benco Inc
  • Betcoza
  • Betsumor Gaming (Pty) Ltd
  • Betting Information Technology (Pty) Ltd
  • Betting World
  • BI Gaming Corporation
  • Biloxi Hammond LLC
  • Biloxi village Walk Development LLC
  • BL Development Corp
  • Boardwalk Regency Corporation
  • BPP Providence Acquisition Company LLC
  • Burlington Street Services Ltd
  • CA Hospitality Holding Company Ltd
  • Caesars
  • California Clearing Corporation
  • Cassava Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • CG Services LLC
  • CH Management Company Ltd
  • Chester Downs and Marina LLC
  • Chester Facility Holding Company LLC
  • Christian County Land Acquisition Company LLC
  • Cinderlane Inc
  • Consolidated Supplies Services and Systems
  • Corner Investment Company Newco LLC
  • Cromwell Manager LLC
  • CZL
  • Dagger Holdings Ltd
  • DCH Exchange LLC
  • DCH Lender LLC
  • Des Plaines Development Ltd Partnership
  • Desert Palace Inc
  • Durante Holdings LLC
  • East Beach Development Corporation
  • Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board
  • Edward Cavendish and Sons (Pty) Ltd
  • Egoli Gaming (Pty) Ltd
  • Emerald Safari Resort (Pty) Ltd
  • Euphorbia (Pty) Ltd
  • Ezeefun (Pty) Ltd
  • FHR Corporation
  • FHR Parent LLC
  • Flamingo
  • Foothills Trading and Investment (Pty) Ltd
  • Free State Gambling, Liquor and Tourism Authority
  • Galaxy Bingo
  • Gauteng Gambling Board
  • GB Investor LLC
  • GCA Acquisition Subsidiary Inc
  • GNOC Corp
  • Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd
  • Golden Nugget Club Ltd
  • Grand Coffee House (Pty) Ltd
  • Grand Foods Bakery (Pty) Ltd
  • Grand Ice-Cream (Pty) Ltd
  • Grand Media Buying Inc
  • GRIPP Advisory (Pty) Ltd
  • HAC CERP Manager LLC
  • Harrah South Shore Corporation
  • Harrahs
  • Harveys
  • HBR Realty Company Inc
  • HCI
  • HCR Services Company Inc
  • HEI Holding
  • HET International
  • HHLV Management Company LLC
  • HIE Holdings
  • HLV CERP Manager LLC
  • Hole in the Wall LLC
  • Hollywood Sportsbook Holdings
  • HTM Holding Inc
  • Interbet (Pty) Ltd
  • Ithuba Holdings (RF) (Pty) Ltd
  • JCC Holding Company II Newco LLC
  • Jeddler Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • JGB Vegas Retail Lessee LLC
  • Johnnies Strategic Investment Holdings Ltd
  • Kaapse Wynprodusente Vereniging (Pty) Ltd
  • Koval Holdings
  • KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board
  • La Concorde
  • LAD Hotel Partners LLC
  • Lakama Resorts and Casino (Pty) Ltd
  • Las Vegas Golf Management LLC
  • Las Vegas Resort Development Inc
  • Laughlin CERP Manager LLC
  • Laundry Parent LLC
  • Lexshell 94 General Trading (Pty) Ltd
  • Lifeboat Inc
  • Limitless Angel Fund (Pty) Ltd
  • Limpopo Gambling Board
  • Listed Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • London Clubs
  • LVH Corporation
  • LVH Parent LLC
  • Martial Development Corporation
  • Monte Cinemas (Pty) Ltd
  • National Casino Resort Manco Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • National Gambling Board
  • Netbet (Pty) Ltd
  • Nevada Marketing LLC
  • Niveus Invest11 (Pty) Ltd
  • North West Gambling Board
  • Northern Cape
  • O L I M P (Pty) Ltd
  • Ocean Showboat Inc
  • Octavius Linq Holding
  • OCZ Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Parball LLC
  • Parball Parent LLC
  • Paris CERP Manager LLC
  • Paris Las Vegas Operating Company LLC
  • Park Place Finance ULC
  • Peermont Global (Pty) Ltd
  • PH Employees Parent LLC
  • PHW
  • Playboy Club (London) Ltd
  • Players Bluegrass Downs Inc
  • Players Development Inc
  • Players Holding LLC
  • Players International LLC
  • Players LC LLC
  • Players Maryland Heights Nevada LLC
  • Players Resources Inc
  • Players Riverboat
  • Players Services Inc
  • Pocatello Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • Quad Manager LLC (The)
  • R A Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Reno Crossroads LLC
  • Reno Projects Inc
  • Rio CERP Manager LLC
  • Rio Development Company Inc
  • Robinson Property Group Corp
  • Roman Entertainment Corporation
  • Romulus Risk and Insurance Company Inc
  • Showboat
  • Slots and Keno Ltd
  • Sofiline (Pty) Ltd
  • Sportsman Club Ltd (The)
  • Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLC
  • Sun International
  • Sunwest Tote (Pty) Ltd
  • Supabets (Pty)
  • Supaworld Gauteng (Pty) Ltd
  • SW Security and Fire Solutions

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