Sakon and TRG Screen Announce Strategic Partnership

Sakon’s expertise in Device and Telecom Management joins with TRG Screen’s strengths in Enterprise Subscription Management

Concord, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

CONCORD, Mass. and NEW YORK, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sakon, a leading provider in Device and Telecom Management, and TRG Screen, the leading provider of Enterprise Subscription Management Solutions, today announced a strategic partnership that affirms each firm’s deep expertise and industry prominence. Together, the two companies are unlocking opportunities for customers to streamline their expense and vendor management needs.

While TRG Screen specializes in managing high-volume, high-value, and complex data subscriptions, Sakon specializes in Device and Telecom Management. Each company offers platforms and services that maximize the price to performance of their spend categories. The two companies already share mutual clients that will benefit from a powerful set of synergies.

“TRG Screen’s enterprise subscription management capabilities include market data services for the financial services industry and research and information subscriptions for the legal field and adjacent industries,” said Leigh Walters, President and COO at TRG Screen. “And many of those firms need expert help with Device and Telecom Management. Sakon, the best in the business, will complement our spend and usage management systems, helping us streamline highly complex subscriptions that cannot be effectively managed through standard approaches.”

The shift toward a changed post-pandemic economic landscape and more hybrid working prompted TRG Screen and Sakon to come together in the pursuit of highly optimized subscriptions. Indeed, enterprises are facing frequent changes to an increasingly complex communications environment and find themselves in need of a broader set of communications-related IT and cloud-based services, including full life-cycle management for end-user devices and managed mobility services integration.

“TRG Screen’s partnership with Sakon is the latest endorsement of our strategic platform approach as the future of enterprise communications,” said Andy Goorno, Sakon’s Chief Executive Officer. “TRG Screen has hundreds of customers that need more effective Device and Telecom Management. At the same time, we have customers that need help with the management of other complex subscriptions, such as Market Data, Research, SaaS, and other Information Service Subscriptions. This combined approach will generate powerful and uncommon synergies in the control and management of highly specialized and complex services and related spend for enterprise customers.”

As leaders in their respective fields, TRG Screen and Sakon have joined together to offer clients a unique strategic roadmap to optimize and manage the communications and costs associated with accelerating digital transformation. Unsurprisingly, many enterprises struggle to control their communications service spend, which Gartner in 2021 forecast to represent 36% of global end-user spending on IT products and services of just over $4 billion.

About Sakon:

Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, Sakon helps enterprise clients in a wide range of industries maximize the price to performance of the network and manage the device lifecycle more efficiently. The company’s Device and Telecom Management platforms reduce operational costs, increase insights, and optimize experiences through industry leading applications and services. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, Sakon has over 900 employees with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, and India. For more information, go to

About TRG Screen:

TRG Screen is the leading provider of enterprise subscription management solutions. Founded in 1998, TRG Screen is uniquely differentiated by its ability to monitor both spend and usage of data and information services including market data, research, software licenses, consulting and other corporate expenses. TRG Screen’s solutions provide its customers with full transparency into their vendor relationships and their subscription spend and usage, enabling them to optimize their enterprise subscriptions. TRG acquired Priory Solutions in 2016, Screen Group in 2018, Axon Financial Systems in 2019, Market Data Insights in 2020, and Jordan & Jordan’s Market Data Reporting (MDR) business in 2021 and with these acquisitions is now positioned as the global market leader in the financial, legal, and professional services markets. TRG Screen’s product portfolio includes subscription spend, usage, enquiry and compliance solutions. For more information visit