Splinterlands Announces Runi-Inspired ARG for Web3 Community

Media, Pennsylvania, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Splinterlands, the fantasy-themed blockchain battle game dominating the Web 3.0 market, today announced an alternate reality game (ARG) campaign in support of its Runi project, which is the first Ethereum NFT mint for the company. The ARG campaign offers winning participants a free NFT allowlist mint, with the allowlist minting process starting on October 25th, prior to general sale mint on November 3rd.

The promotional ARG begins on October 19 at 4pm EDT and will grow out of the full Runi and Splinterlands “lore,” the game’s growing backdrop story. The ARG campaign will invite players to solve ten different lore-related puzzles via the game’s Discord channel. For prizes, the first ten winners will receive a free Runi NFT mint, and the subsequent winners, up to 100, will receive Chaos Legion card packs.

Runi will act as a collectible NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain, however, Splinterlands has also written a contract in which Runi owners can stake their NFT in a process of locking the NFT to their wallet. This staking process will grant Runi owners an exclusive, one of one card in the Splinterlands game that can be used in battles. 

Splinterlands CEO, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, expressed excitement at offering the game’s player base an extended fantasy experience.

“We love being able to offer our Splinterlands community opportunities to go deeper into the story and experience of this great game,” Reich said. “We’ve worked hard to bring something engrossing and absorbing to our players that we hope will inspire them with an even greater love of all things Splinterlands. We are committed to providing constant value to our users, and this Runi mint and accompanying ARG is exciting for all of us.”

To participate in the Runi mint ARG, players are encouraged to visit the Splinterlands Discord server. Subsequent minting instructions will be provided to said winners. 

About Splinterlands

Current CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich joined forces with friend Matt Rosen in 2018 to co-found Splinterlands, the hit fantasy blockchain game. The company has since grown to include more than 2.4M users and 1M active wallets, as well as 3-5M blockchain transactions daily, recently surpassing the impressive milestone of 3B battles played. Because of its development on Web 3.0 technology, players of the fantasy-themed game are able to earn real rewards while owning, holding, and trading their in-game assets. Splinterlands, enabled by the uniqueness of blockchain technology, is now also venturing into interoperability between various games, which is being played out in its recent release of the Tower Defense series and in its ambitious plans for its new sports gaming platform, Genesis League Sports. In spite of a difficult macroeconomic context, the company continues to see growth and increased revenue, with significant recent sellouts and successes, all while expanding into substantive partnerships, including with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) and Warner Music Group (WMG). Visit www.splinterlands.com for more information.


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