Inspide Spanish Geospatial Company Deploys Deepfactor with Kubernetes to Get Developers Buying into DevSecOps

DETROIT, Oct. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kubecon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 – Deepfactor™, a leading developer security platform, today announced that Inspide, a Spanish geointelligence company that enables knowledge of people's behavior in physical and digital environments, is using the newly released Deepfactor Developer Security 3.0 as their DevSecOps platform to get developers to buy into security.

“We had invested a lot in security from the point of view of the network or the site reliability engineers, but never from the software developer's perspective,” said Daniel Carrión, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Inspide. “Before Deepfactor, searching for vulnerabilities in our application was something that was done manually by each developer and it heavily depended on how strict those developers were at that moment in time.”

After moving to add telecommunications data to their system, Inspide set out to implement DevSecOps practices to ensure that secure coding practices were applied consistently and that all code put in production was free of security vulnerabilities. While Deepfactor provides a broad set of security tooling (Runtime, SCA, SBOM, DAST), one of the key reasons Inspide selected Deepfactor was the ability to detect and fix runtime vulnerabilities in development and testing.

“We only looked at runtime in terms of performance analysis, but never in terms of security analysis, and that has changed,” said Daniel Carrión, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Inspide. “So with Deepfactor, the types of vulnerabilities that we've suddenly become aware of are the runtime ones such as processes running as root, privilege escalation, insecure use of secrets, remote code execution, and use of unsafe APIs.”

Developers at Inspide have varying levels of security knowledge and desire to proactively seek out security vulnerabilities. The site reliability engineering team has a high degree of security knowledge but focuses on protecting the applications in production. The software developers have a wide range of security expertise but were willing to make the effort to fix vulnerabilities quickly when identified.

“And suddenly, with Deepfactor, developers have a way to improve how they deal with security that doesn't generate a lot of friction,” said Daniel Carrión, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Inspide. “Security has become a first-class citizen for the developers and not just the paranoid SRE team. We've really seen an improvement after we started using Deepfactor.”


The Deepfactor Developer Security platform 3.0 is available immediately. For those attending KubeCon in person, visit Deepfactor at booth #SU77 for a demonstration.

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Inspide, a Spanish technology company, offers geointelligence products and services based on its Portall technology, launched in 2021. This geospatial intelligence technology provides insights into people's behavior in physical and digital environments. The company, which was founded in 2013, has also developed the world's first platform for connected vehicles on the road. It currently provides services in the field of Mobility to leading firms. | LinkedIn Inspide | Twitter Inspide

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