HqO Announces New Product Capabilities to Drive Greater Workplace Engagement

New Features Help Employees Know Who Will be in, and Make Better Use of the Office

BOSTON, Oct. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HqO, the world’s leading workplace experience platform, announced the launch of new capabilities that increase engagement in the corporate workplace. The new HqO Who’s In™ feature lets employees see when colleagues will be in the office to connect and collaborate, enabling companies to draw more people back to the office and drive purposeful presence in the workplace. In addition, the updated HqO Workplace Experience App™ custom-branded home screen enables corporates and landlords to project their unique brands and cultures.

The release also includes self-service enhancements to important product functions and new integrations to critical enterprise and property management systems. New self-service capabilities make it easier for workplace experience managers to continually deliver, measure, and adjust targeted content and programs that drive workplace engagement. Through a new integration with Corrigo, the flagship facilities management automation platform from JLL Technologies, corporate employees who use HqO can now submit and manage service requests. Enrichment to the existing integration between HqO and Building Engines Prism makes it easier for tenant users to reserve resources within the HqO Workplace Experience App. These new product features help companies and landlords to make daily routines easier for office workers.

The expansion of HqO’s corporate offerings comes on the heels of the company’s recent acquisitions of employee experience measurement & analysis firm Leesman and European workplace experience technology provider Office App. Together, the new product offerings and acquisitions uniquely position HqO to support corporate employers and landlords in the growing workplace experience market. Innovative new product features include:

  • Who’s In: HqO Who’s In drives office attendance and promotes social engagement in the workplace by enabling employees to see when the colleagues who matter most to them are going into the office on any given day. Who’s In gives employees more incentive to go to the office, while providing valuable office attendance data that helps employers to measure and improve workplace experience strategies.
  • Automated user provisioning via SCIM: HqO can now leverage companies’ existing identity provider (IdP) to continually synchronize employee lists with the HqO Workplace Experience Platform™. Using the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol, HqO helps companies achieve enterprise-level security by ensuring only the right users have access and can engage with their app.
  • Branded home screen: The HqO App’s refreshed home screen gives customers greater flexibility to promote their unique brand personality and communicate their culture. More than ever before, customers can create an app that best shows off their brand with their choice of imagery, logos, colors, and utility button shapes. With a greater separation between brand and function, the refreshed home screen is easier to navigate and improves the end user experience.
  • Enhanced self-service options: HqO now offers a flexible content creation tool that empowers workplace experience managers to create content quickly and easily and promote workplace offerings and experiences exactly how they want, generating maximum engagement among employees. The HqO Workplace Experience Platform also has an updated, easy-to-use analytics dashboard that enables workplace experience managers to improve workplace performance and quickly make data-driven decisions. Access to near real-time data on app engagement, space and amenity usage, and sentiment enables customers to measure program and content success, understand how sentiment is changing over time, make better operational and CapEx decisions, and optimize financial performance.
  • New integrations: Corporate employees can submit and manage Corrigo facilities service requests and building tenants can more easily reserve resources provided through Building Engines Prism.

“Streamlining facilities management and building operations drives efficiency and fosters trust and communication,” said Scott Jones, VP of Product Marketing at JLL Technologies. “The new HqO integrations with Corrigo and Building Engines Prism connect user needs with workplace operations, improving employee, tenant and visitor satisfaction.”

All products will be generally available in November 2022 with the exception of SCIM, which will be available for beta users starting in November.

These expanded product features help corporate employers navigate hybrid work and return-to-office by removing friction and generating added enthusiasm for their workplace environments. They also help employees build stronger connections with their peers and organizations, which helps boost employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity.

“These new capabilities will help hybrid and in-office employees to make better use of their time in the office with enhanced collaboration, creativity, and productivity,” said Chase Garbarino, Co-Founder and CEO of HqO. “At a time when office utilization is lower than many companies would like, these new tools are going to help corporate employers and landlords to get more workers back to the office. The future of work is constantly changing, and these features give you the power to continually adapt.”

To learn about HqO’s new capabilities that increase engagement in the corporate workplace, register for a webinar on November 17th, 2022 at 11AM EST: https://www.hqo.com/resources/events-webinars/increase-engagement-in-the-corporate-workplace/.

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