Zenhub Releases Productivity Grader, the First Free Tool to Deliver Insights on How Productive a Software Development Team is Based on Actual Project Data

The tool also compares team progress with the top 100 of GitHub's most starred, forked, and active repos

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenhub, the leading productivity management solution for software teams, today announced it has released its Productivity Grader, a free tool for retrieving productivity-related data from any GitHub repository. The tool’s primary function is to provide actionable insight into a software team’s productivity using the most accurate project data derived directly from GitHub. The Productivity Grader assesses a team based on weekly issue completion, PR completion, cycle time, and open vs. closed issues, comparing scores to the top 100 of the most starred, most forked, and most active GitHub repositories. The Productivity Grader, freely available to use today to measure your team’s progress, is available here.

“Developer productivity is increasingly a measurement of how well a business is doing, not just how successful a single product is progressing,” said Aaron Upright, Zenhub’s co-founder. “Productivity Grader gives teams the tools to understand, in real-time, how they’re doing and uncover issues before they can become serious. This is an invaluable resource for all software-centric organizations.”

The Productivity Grader fetches your team’s productivity data from GitHub and compares that data to the top 100 GitHub repositories. For public repositories, the data available is public, so all that is required to input is the repository URL. For private repositories, you will need to sign into GitHub for Zenhub to retrieve that information.

The Productivity Grader calculates the following metrics:

  • Issue completion (weekly) - Issues completed per week over the last four weeks
  • PR throughput (weekly) - the four weeks rolling average of the weekly number of PRs merged
  • Issue cycle time - the number of days for an issue to go from created to closed
  • Code review time - the number of days between when a PR is opened and when it is merged
  • Open/Closed issues - The ratio of open to closed issues
  • Open/Closed PRs - The ratio of open, merged, and abandoned pull requests
  • Open issue labels - A list of the top four labels on open issues (as well as a count of all other ones)

Productivity Grader is available today, and more details on its operation, permissions, and other information can be accessed here. Over 8,000 software-focused startups, high-growth companies, agile teams, and open source projects use Zenhub’s productivity management solution to deliver software innovation faster. Zenhub helps strategic firms foster effective communication among team members, set goals, plan with greater transparency and participation, and ship software releases more predictably.

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