Filtered, pioneer of job simulations for technical hiring, adds industry-first cloud skills simulations to platform

Using proprietary remote desktop technology, Filtered enables candidates to complete assessments for cloud engineering and DevOps skills in an environment that mirrors first day on the job

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Filtered, a skills-based hiring platform, today expanded its job simulations to include cloud engineering challenges—a first for the industry. This latest offering joins Filtered’s established coding simulations library as the best way to assess candidates’ skills with real-world challenges conducted in an environment that simulates a company’s tech stack. With cloud skills simulations, candidates can show off their abilities in areas like DevOps and cloud engineering with technical challenges that incorporate Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and various other software-as-a-service platforms.

“Our mission with job simulations is to fix the three broken aspects of technical hiring today: pedigree-focused hiring, generic coding tests, and unproductive interviews,” said Dan Finnigan, CEO of Filtered. “Our job simulation functionality is the virtual equivalent of shipping candidates a company laptop to complete real-world challenges—like those a new company employee would face—available anywhere in the world. Filtered’s expansion to cloud skills assessments is the next evolution of technical hiring and digital transformation initiatives.”

The new cloud skills simulations are powered by proprietary remote desktop technology and, as with all Filtered assessments, include automatic grading and fraud detection. Filtered’s cloud skills simulations are the only industry offering that enables candidates to remotely complete challenges in a browser-connected, multi-app environment.

This functionality is the latest addition to Filtered’s complete, customizable technical hiring platform. Filtered’s initial screening process combines take-home technical assessments, including job simulations, and recorded candidate responses to prompts. All technical assessments can be automatically graded, and fraud detection is applied throughout the process. As a result, Filtered allows candidates to demonstrate their technical acumen, communication skills, and conceptual thinking, while hiring managers can review results and advance qualified candidates at any time. For the live interviewing round, Filtered offers functionality for in-meeting collaborative exercises, including ones that build on the take-home assessments, providing for a richer interview experience.

“Filtered’s job simulations create a positive candidate experience in which applicants can both display their skills and learn more about the tech stack they’d be working with daily. Job simulations give hiring managers deep insight into a candidate’s actual abilities, and also allow skilled candidates to demonstrate what they can do, and leads to more efficient and fairer hiring,” said Dr. Andrew Ng, Managing General Partner of AI Fund, a Filtered investor.

No other hiring platform matches Filtered’s breadth and depth of assessment capability, allowing companies to test the skills that matter most to them. Filtered’s skills-first approach empowers hiring managers to make more objective decisions, instead of relying on criteria that can introduce biases. On average, customers enjoy a 4x faster hiring rate while saving thousands of hours of interview time per year, allowing them to move quickly with confidence in a competitive talent landscape. Across tens of thousands of applicants, Filtered maintains a 4.6/5 candidate satisfaction score.

About Filtered
Filtered is reinventing hiring for technical talent. With Filtered, hiring managers can more quickly and accurately assess candidates’ hard and soft skills, helping them move faster with confidence in a competitive talent landscape. Founded in 2018, Filtered is the first platform to offer job simulations, allowing candidates to complete challenges with the exact tech stack they’d be using on the job. The Filtered platform combines coding assessments, recorded video responses, automated grading, and live video interviewing to streamline the technical screening process. Leading brands like Procter & Gamble, Informatica, and Rocket Mortgage use Filtered to hire software engineers, data scientists, DevOps specialists, and more, enjoying on average a 4x faster time-to-hire and 2x better interview-to-hire while saving thousands of hours of interview time per year. Filtered is based in Boston and backed by Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, Silicon Valley Data Capital, and TDF Ventures. For more information, visit