Dogecoin Early Adopter launches “The Hype Coin” creating a new opportunity for investors to cash in.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, Oct. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hype Coin is a newly established crypto platform in the industry. In the latest development, the company has launched new features to expand its crypto trading services and generate new opportunities in the crypto world. Upon consideration, the company's founder bought Doge with $15 when it first launched in 2013 at an approximately $ 10 million market cap. Later, the performance of Dogecoin boomed, and $15 turned into over 100k in the 2021 Bullrun.

As the Dogecoin Early Adopter launches his own project to recreate its past, the founder of The Hype Coin is determined to recreate this opportunity for others. And he is using his funds to do so through its newly launched services which are as follows:

● Create F.O.M.O.: It enables its users to create F.O.M.O. to avoid mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

● Hold $HYPE and Earn: The company’s power is spreading the $HYPE, so their liquidity is low to allow bigger pumps.

● “Gud Dev '' reliability: Hypecoin’s Dev Is a “Memecoin” Loyalist and Devout Dogecoin Early Adopter.

● Safe and Secure: The Liquidity Pool Locked for 1 Year On Unicrypt!

In addition, according to the founder, the new features solve many problems, such as too many rugs & not enough grassroots “Frens” trusting the process. The Hype Coin helped build a “Chad” community by launching with its liquidity initially unlocked. Allowing, only the most loyal and strong-willed investors to remain. This makes The Hype Coin more likely to pump and remain safe for investors. The founder explained his new mentality,

- “Crypto changed my life. Back then you could buy basically anything and in the bull runs that followed you were hitting dozens of x’s.”

He further added,

“Think of this as a side project you can throw a few dollars at and come back to paying off your car mortgage. Just like Doge, I threw lunch money into it as a joke. And I ended up making six figures. That's my goal for "The Hype Coin" to be the next original hype “meme” coin. As such, I decided to stealth launch The Hype Coin as an opportunity for those who missed previous moonshots to get in now. The biggest tokens develop in the bear market. It is the perfect opportunity."

Consequently, the hype drives the crypto market in the industry. Therefore, the name capitalizes on this because no token can “pump” without hype. There are also upcoming massive marketing plans across the board targeting telegram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. With that, The Hype Coin is also working towards its utility Staking platform launch.

About Hypecoin

$HYPE is a Social Experiment designed within D.E.F.I. The platform was developed by an early Dogecoin adopter who turned $15 into 100k+ on Doge.

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