How the LA-Based Legal Tax Defense, Inc. Provides the Best Tax Relief Services?

Taxpayers may find themselves at odds with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for back taxes and non-compliance issues. The IRS can perform a written or in-person audit of your financials too. IRS representation and tax resolution are challenging tasks. You don’t only need a certified accountant but an experienced professional at Legal Tax Defense to win your case against the IRS.


What is IRS Tax Resolution Program?

The umbrella term tax resolution refers to the “dispute resolution and prevention” Program offered by the IRS. It is the process to solve back taxes issues with the IRS.
The IRS aims to keep all taxpayers “current and compliant”. It simply means your tax returns should be filed on time and financial records to be maintained in compliance with the IRS tax guidelines.
Even when you follow the accounting standards like GAAP, loopholes exist in your tax filing records. In some cases, you may file the wrong tax returns and in others, you may not file on time or don’t file at all.
These occurrences mean the IRS will send you an audit mail. Failure to correspond to such emails or an inappropriate response will lead you to tax controversy.
The IRS offers tax relief and tax resolution programs to offer compensation to taxpayers. However, utilizing these offers from the IRS requires special skills and professional expertise.

What are the Proficiencies of Legal Tax Defense?

Legal Tax Defense is a tax resolution firm with years of professional experience in dealing with the IRS.
Our expertise lies in dealing with accounting, payroll, tax, and compliance dispute resolutions with the IRS. We represent our clients as professional tax attorneys to provide tax debt relief and resolution services.
During these years, we’ve worked with a broad range of clients including individuals, business owners, executives, and independent professionals to provide the best tax relief and resolution services.
We ensure our clients get the right solution to their unique tax compliance issues. Our aim is not only to resolve the current tax return issues but to provide a comprehensive compliance solution.
We make sure our clients remain compliant and current by applying our expertise in current tax laws for federal and international tax compliance requirements.

What Sets Legal Tax Defense Apart?

We do not focus only on short-term tax resolution points but offer a holistic approach to our clients by applying our extensive knowledge of tax regulations.
We strive to continuously upgrade our knowledge and the application to the unique challenges our clients face.
From the first correspondence with IRS to tax representation, and from advising you on financial records preparation to the tax filing process, we’ll make sure you take the right step every time.

How Legal Tax Defense Can Provide the Best Tax Relief Services?

A tax attorney will help you with a tax debt problem, the best tax attorney will make sure it never happens again.
Legal Tax Defense prides itself in offering tax relief and resolution services that provide long-term benefits to clients.
The IRS offers a wide range of tax relief and resolution services. We thoroughly examine your situation and decide the best possible route to maximize the tax relief for you.
Our prime tax relief and tax resolution services include:

  • Installment Agreement and Partial Payment Installment Agreements
  • Penalty Abatement and First-Time Penalty Abatement
  • Offer-in-Compromise (OIC)
  • Reasonable Cause
  • Prevent or Stop Wage Garnishment
  • Stop Payment
  • Lien Relief, Lien Release, and Lien Withdrawal
  • Business registration, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Loan Refinancing, and Estate Planning services.

How Legal Tax Defense Tackles Tax Resolution Challenges?

The Inflation Reduction Act provides an additional $80 billion to the IRS for increased tax collections and system upgrades. A large chunk of this amount will go to recruiting more tax specialists.
It means taxpayers will face harder times in satisfying the IRS in the coming years. The chances of back taxes issues increase manifold.
As a professional tax attorney, Legal Tax Defense continues to study the changing tax regulatory framework. We make sure our clients get through the process of tax resolution conveniently.
Our holistic approach follows the pattern of:

  • Free consultation with our client to fully understand and review the case.
  • Initiate the first correspondence with IRS and get feedback.
  • Create a strategy to choose the best possible route for the tax relief/resolution program.
  • Start the IRS representation on your behalf and resolve the issue.
  • Create a strategy for our clients to take a fresh start.

Final Thoughts

Tax relief/resolution programs are helpful resources for taxpayers. The IRS wants to resolve these back taxes and compliance issues as soon as possible. If you need the best tax attorney to maximize tax relief for you, give us a call for free consultation today.

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