Swiss Properties Invest has finalised the acquisition of an attractive commercial property in Wängi in the Canton of Thurgau

Press release/Investor news

Copenhagen, 31st of October 2022

Swiss Properties Invest AG has acquired a 5,923 square metre commercial property in Wängi in the canton of Thurgau. The property is built in 2018 and has 1,176 square metre office space over 3 levels and 4,747 square metre production or storage space over 2 levels. The land size is 9,936 square metre and contains 65 outside parking spaces.

The transaction is a sale and leaseback with the current tenant also being the seller.

The acquired property represents a very attractive opportunity to Swiss Properties Invest delivering on all four acquisition criteria stated in the prospectus. Management sees an attractive opportunity to further increase the yield as the property is ideal for solar panels.

With the acquisition Swiss Properties Invest has now acquired 2 commercial properties and is continuing the stated objective of acquiring a portfolio of 6-8 attractive commercial properties in Switzerland.

For further information, please contact:
Swiss Properties Invest A/S
Kirsten Sillehoved, CEO
Mobile (+45) 52 40 71 52