The Worldwide Cardiac Rehabilitation Industry is Expected to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2028


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The Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market size is expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 5.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

Cardiac rehabilitation consists of three equally significant components, such as stress management counselling, information about healthy heart living, and exercise counselling and training. Cardiovascular rehabilitation aids in locating common stressors. The best aspect of recovery after a heart attack or other heart condition is cardiac rehabilitation. It can aid in the development of heart-healthy behaviours and helps to prevent major heart attacks.

Cardiac rehabilitation provides several health advantages, including alleviating heart disease symptoms like chest discomfort and reducing further illness and heart disease-related fatalities. Programs for cardiac rehabilitation concentrate on blood pressure control, diabetes control, exercise instruction, and physical activity guidance. Cardiac rehabilitation improves quality of life while lowering medical expenses.

One of the key elements driving the growth of the cardiac rehabilitation market is the rise in popularity of e-cardiology and e-health. Additionally, the industry has developed new strategies and partnerships thanks to the medical device sector in order to meet the pandemic's urgent needs. For instance, more than 868,000 Americans died from heart disease in 2022, while more than 34.2 people perished from diabetes, according to statistics examined on January 10 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As a result, the prevalence of cardiovascular disorders is rising, which raises the demand for handheld monitoring devices and is expected to support the market for cardiac rehabilitation. Among the key market trends for cardiac rehabilitation include a rise in government funding for the management of heart disorders and an increased demand for efficient preventative measures. Additional major competitors that contribute to the market's expansion are Baxter International Inc., Philips N.V., Smits Group, and Life Fitness. These companies offer cardiac rehabilitation equipment.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Patients with COVID-19 had a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease, with myocardial damage being the most prevalent diagnosis. Therefore, a broad range of cardiovascular disorders were prevalent among patients with COVD-19, leading to an increase in the demand for the use of cardiac rehabilitation equipment. These are some of the main drivers of the market's expansion and the need for cardiac rehabilitation programs. For instance, In Body, a leader in body composition technology who has launched the BP 170 blood pressure device in February 2022, gives people the choice to track and self-record important health data at home.

Market Growth Factors

Increasing Geriatric Population And Growing Incidences Of Numerous Cardiovascular Diseases

The market for cardiac rehabilitation is reportedly being driven by an increase in the elderly population and the corresponding rise in cardiovascular disorders.

The development of the cardiac rehabilitation market is further fueled by the infrastructural improvements done in numerous healthcare sectors across different nations. Along with this, there has been an increase in government initiatives to address issues like the difficulty in finding equipment and gadgets at reasonable rates and the incidence of certain cardiovascular diseases.

Growing Awareness Among People Along With The Changing Lifestyle

Old habits are difficult to break, but poor food habits and a sedentary lifestyle may exacerbate heart issues. Cardiovascular disease, which arises as a result of unhealthy weight, inadequate stress management, and smoking, accounts for about a significant percentage of all fatalities worldwide.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation shows patients how to manage such risk factors and enhance their long-term heart health. There are many people who are adopting active lifestyle and are visiting cardiac rehabilitation centers to improve their heart health.

Market Restraining Factors

Cost Of Cardiac Rehabilitation Equipment Has Increased

The difficulty in obtaining Cardiac Rehabilitation devices & equipment from the numerous hospitals and clinics is the market's main issue. Despite the market for cardiac rehabilitation having had significant expansion, it is anticipated that these characteristics, together with the high cost of installing the equipment and technologies used in cardiac rehabilitation, is expected to provide challenges to the market. Along with that, there are many rehab centers which do not have enough budget to deploy better and advanced equipment range.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1. Market Scope & Methodology

Chapter 2. Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.1.1 Overview Market Composition and Scenario
2.2 Key Factors Impacting the Market
2.2.1 Market Drivers
2.2.2 Market Restraints

Chapter 3. Strategies deployed in Cardiac Rehabilitation Market

Chapter 4. Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market by Product
4.1 Global Treadmill Market by Region
4.2 Global Elliptical Trainer Market by Region
4.3 Global Rower Market by Region
4.4 Global Stabilization Ball Market by Region
4.5 Global Heart Rate Monitor Market by Region
4.6 Global Blood Pressure Monitor Market by Region
4.7 Global Others Market by Region

Chapter 5. Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market by End User
5.1 Global Rehab Centers Market by Region
5.2 Global Hospitals Market by Region
5.3 Global Clinics Market by Region
5.4 Global Others Market by Region

Chapter 6. Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market by Disease Type
6.1 Global Coronary Artery Disease Market by Region
6.2 Global Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Market by Region
6.3 Global Myocardial Infarction Market by Region
6.4 Global Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Market by Region
6.5 Global Others Market by Region

Chapter 7. Global Cardiac Rehabilitation Market by Region

Chapter 8. Company Profiles
8.1 Technogym S.p.A.
8.1.1 Company Overview
8.1.2 Financial Analysis
8.1.3 Segmental and Regional Analysis
8.1.4 Recent strategies and developments: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Agreements: Geographical Expansions:
8.2 Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.
8.2.1 Company Overview
8.2.2 Financial Analysis
8.2.3 Regional Analysis
8.2.4 Research & Development Expenses
8.3 Omron Corporation
8.3.1 Company Overview
8.3.2 Financial Analysis
8.3.3 Segmental and Regional Analysis
8.3.4 Research & Development Expenses
8.3.5 Recent strategies and developments: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Agreements:
8.3.6 SWOT Analysis
8.4 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
8.4.1 Company Overview
8.4.2 Financial Analysis
8.4.3 Segmental and Regional Analysis
8.4.4 Research & Development Expense
8.4.5 Recent strategies and developments: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Agreements: Acquisition and Mergers:
8.5 Baxter International, Inc.
8.5.1 Company Overview
8.5.2 Financial Analysis
8.5.3 Regional Analysis
8.5.4 Research & Development Expense
8.6 Halma PLC
8.6.1 Company Overview
8.6.2 Financial Analysis
8.6.3 Segmental and Regional Analysis
8.6.4 Research & Development Expense
8.7 ICU Medical, Inc. (Smiths Medical)
8.7.1 Company Overview
8.7.2 Financial Analysis
8.7.3 Regional Analysis
8.7.4 Research & Development Expenses
8.8 General Electric (GE) Co. (GE Healthcare)
8.8.1 Company Overview
8.8.2 Financial Analysis
8.8.3 Segmental and Regional Analysis
8.8.4 Research & Development Expense
8.8.5 Recent strategies and developments: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Agreements:
8.8.6 SWOT Analysis
8.9 Life Fitness
8.9.1 Company Overview
8.9.2 Recent strategies and developments: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Agreements:
8.10. Core Health & Fitness, LLC
8.10.1 Company Overview

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