Kenyon Continues to Diversify Their Products with the New Freestanding Grills

More options, more possibilities: Kenyon’s iconic electric grills receive a new partner

CLINTON, Conn., Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kenyon International, Inc., a specialty electric grill and cooktop manufacturer, announces its newest product line- the all-electric, Freestanding Grill packages. The signature marine-grade 304 stainless steel takes a new form and extends its way into a versatile indoor/outdoor grill stand. These new stands will come in four different versions which are compatible with the G2, City and Frontier grills. Optional accessories include the popular Kenyon Griddle and a visually pleasing yet functional Kenyon Grill Cover to ensure protection.

The G2 Grill can function as both a table top grill, or when placed on the Grill Stand it becomes a freestanding grill providing a modern piece for the patio or balcony. Both the G2 and City grills have an elegant knob control, while the Frontier grill has the option of the Touch Control or the intuitive IntelliKEN Touch™ and are waterproof. Each stand also features a foldable shelf along with a side rack for storing seasonings, drinks, and more.

All versions of these freestanding grill packages have an output of 120V and plug in to any household outlet. The cooking grates are also engineered so there are no hot or cold zones due to the direct contact of the electric heating element. There is a channel on the bottom of each grate which conceals the element and eliminates the chance of flare-ups. The grill also includes a non-stick coating that eliminates the need for additional oil, resulting in healthier meals and an easy-to-clean product.

The stands range from 38-44 inches in height (depending on the grill model) and are all 40 inches wide with the shelf raised, which makes them perfect for patios and even city balconies. On top of all the great features of this launch, a key one is that a vast majority of buildings or townhouses don't allow for propane and charcoal grills. The Freestanding Kenyon Grills are fully electric, allowing for year-round grilling inside and outside.

“The new Freestanding Grills are designed to be the perfect partner for the Kenyon lineup without having to choose between grilling solely indoors or outdoors,” said Phil Williams, president of Kenyon International Inc. “Kenyon has always sought to provide their consumer base with innovative and quality products, while solving the problems of everyday cooks to expert grill masters. This new addition will allow our customers to fully choose their experience while also having a stunning, yet functional, statement piece in their outdoor areas.”

Additional features include:

  • Actual cooking temperatures exceeding 550˙F without flare-ups
  • Non-toxic coatings on the non-stick grate are absolutely free from harmful chemicals found in Teflon, enabling you to use the grate without worrying about your health
  • Minimal cleaning hassle as the grate and lid are dishwasher friendly
  • Drip tray that allows users to infuse grilled food with liquids such as beer and wine for added flavor
  • 6’ 120V GFCI protected standard US plug

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Kenyon, located on the Connecticut shoreline, manufactures a line of powerful and flame free electric grills. The company consistently surpasses challenging engineering concepts that lead their customers to a new and innovative cooking experience. Kenyon’s mission is to let everyone in on the fun of grilling as their electric grills are ideal for places that restrict the usage of gas and charcoal grills.

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