China Fluorine Industry Survey Report 2022

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This report is a value analysis of the fluorine Industry in China, which covers the production, price, imports & exports, consumption of fluorite, inorganic fluorides, organic fluorides and fluoride polymer products. Besides, a future forecast on the development trend for these products is also analysed in this report.

Fluorine industry has been one of the fastest developing and most promising chemical industries in China. And China has become one of the largest fluorine production and consumption areas. Fluorite reserves, inorganic fluorides, organic fluorides and fluoride polymers are four important sectors of China's fluorine industry.

At present, the domestic inorganic fluoride industry is developing rapidly, and domestic high-end techniques for inorganic fluoride production are close to the international advanced level. However, many domestic manufacturers still produce low-end inorganic fluoride products. And some of the refined products, such as electronic grade fluoride, still rely on imports.

Fluorohydrocarbon is used in various industries such as refrigerant, foam beater, extinguishant, insecticide, medical and chemical. Among them, the refrigerant industry shares the largest consumption of fluorohydrocarbon. Refrigerants are mainly used in household refrigerators, automobiles, marine and household air conditioners, commercial refrigeration equipment, etc., and they not only can be used in producing new equipment, but also in maintenance. Currently, the replacement progress of refrigerants is being constantly accelerated in China.

PTFE and PVDF are the main fluoride polymers in China. Although China is a large producer of fluoride polymers, at present, China's fluoride polymers are still concentrated in low-end products; high-end product demand depends on imports. With the rapid development of new energy and 5G markets in China, the market application prospects of fluoride polymers are very broad, and the demand for high-end fluoride polymers is expected to rise rapidly in the next few years.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary


1 Brief introduction of fluorine industry in China

2 Fluorite supply in China
2.1 Overview of fluorite reserves in China
2.2 Production situation of fluorite
2.3 Price
2.4 Export and import
2.5 Forecast trends

3 Inorganic fluorides in China
3.1 Brief introduction of inorganic fluorides in China
3.2 Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
3.2.1 Production situation
3.2.2 Price
3.2.3 Import and export
3.2.4 Future trends
3.3 Aluminum fluoride
3.3.1 Production situation
3.3.2 Price
3.3.3 Import and export
3.3.4 Future trends
3.4 Cryolite
3.4.1 Production situation
3.4.2 Price
3.4.3 Import and export
3.4.4 Future trends
3.5 Lithium hexafluorophosphate
3.5.1 Production situation
3.5.2 Price
3.5.3 Import and export
3.5.4 Future trends
3.6 Others

4 Organic fluorides in China
4.1 Fluorine refrigerants
4.1.1 R22
4.1.2 R134a
4.1.3 R32, R125 and R410a
4.1.4 R1234yf
4.2 Fluoride polymers
4.2.1 PTFE
4.2.2 PVDF
4.2.3 FEP
4.2.4 Fluor rubber
4.2.5 Monomer

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