ZTX to Launch Metaverse-based Home NFT Sale on Magic Eden Launchpad

Asia’s largest metaverse goes Web3, makes virtual land accessible for all; Genesis Home NFT sale to debut on Solana’s largest NFT marketplace

Singapore, Singapore , Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Web3 metaverse project ZTX (ZepetoX) announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Magic Eden, the largest Solana-based NFT marketplace, to launch a genesis home NFT sale aimed at rewarding early evangelists and community builders while reasserting its vision of building a metaverse for all.

Instead of opting for a conventional virtual land sale, ZTX will offer virtual land for free to anyone who registers and claims land on its platform. However, in order to reward early backers, ZTX will conduct a genesis home NFT sale offering 4,000 unique 3D-rendered home NFTs packed with in-game utility. As home NFT owners, users will receive boosts to economic activities and asset production on ZTX land as well as priority access to exciting updates and features.

The sale, slated for December, will go live on Magic Eden, which boasts around 10 million unique monthly sessions and thousands of daily transactions.

Building on the Solana network, ZTX is the crypto metaverse initiative jointly incubated by ZEPETO – widely regarded as Asia’s largest metaverse platform with over 340 million registered users – alongside leading global blockchain organizations including Jump Crypto.

Earlier in August, ZTX announced plans to create an immersive 3D open world that will empower creators and communities to build, play and earn. With exclusive ties to ZEPETO, ZTX aims to create a metaverse that will successfully onboard new audiences, web3 natives, and ZEPETO’s existing web2 users.

Why Home NFTs, and not Land?

In today’s metaverse projects, the barriers to entry for the average person are high – with plots of virtual land positioned as pricey speculative assets that make it difficult to own. This often limits users who lack financial resources from enjoying or contributing to the metaverse while institutional investors and companies with deep pockets ultimately account for the majority of the virtual real estate.

In ZTX, land will be free, unlimited and accessible for all. The land will unlock core features of the gameplay and serve as a base for home NFTs in ZTX. Users, in the form of their avatars, will be able to develop and explore the land as well as socialize with one another. Overall, users who are eager to dedicate time and contribute to the metaverse will have the ability to own land, enjoy immersive experiences, participate in core game loops and become a part of a growing ZTX community.

“We’re delighted to debut our genesis home mint on Magic Eden. We’re building a metaverse for all with mass adoption in mind and it was important for us to create a place where users can come and enjoy without worrying about price tags – a place that users can call home,” said Chris Jang, the Co-CEO of ZTX, explaining the decision for the collection to focus on home NFTs.

Magic Eden’s Co-Founder and COO, Zhuoxun Yin, commented, “We are excited to bring ZTX’s genesis home mint to our Launchpad and to introduce our Solana community to the creative possibilities that users can explore across the world of ZTX–where homeowners can find artistic expression, connect with others, and play games.”

The genesis home NFTs will be customizable and immersive in-game assets to be placed on the user-owned lands in ZTX. Users will be able to enter homes, decorate rooms, use it as an NFT gallery and even host gatherings.

Additionally, the home NFTs will serve as membership passes granting access to one of the four ZTX Districts, which are unique virtual world districts that each represent ‘arts & entertainment,’ ‘fashion,’ ‘finance,’ and ‘gametech.’ Most social and economic activities will occur within these Districts, which will be governed by homeowners, or the community, whose homes will be associated with the Districts where their homes are.

Further details on the genesis home NFT sale will be revealed on the ZTX website, blog and the Magic Eden Launchpad in the coming weeks.

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About ZTX:

ZTX is a web3 metaverse project empowering creators and communities to build, play and earn. With mass adoption in mind, ZTX is building an immersive 3D open world where users can create, trade digital assets and enjoy social interaction. Founded in 2022, ZTX is the joint blockchain initiative of Jump Crypto and ZEPETO, widely regarded as the largest Asia-based metaverse platform with over 340 million lifetime users and over 2.5 billion virtual fashion items sold. For more information, visit ZepetoX.io.

About Magic Eden:

Magic Eden is the leading community-centric NFT marketplace driving the next billion users to Web3. Led by former crypto, tech, and hospitality leaders, Magic Eden is building a user-friendly platform powered by market-leading minting and trading solutions. Magic Eden brings dynamic cultural moments onto the blockchain, empowering users across thousands of digital communities to create, discover and collect unique NFTs. For more information, please visit www.magiceden.i


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