International adoption today and how it’s changing

Holt is acting to holistically address the changes with lifelong support

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, OR, Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In honor of National Adoption Month, Holt International Children’s Services is showcasing the evolution of international adoption and emphasizing Holt’s lifelong adoption services available to families and adoptees. In addition to these services, the organization’s partnerships allow for families to apply for funding to support their international adoption journey. Holt representatives and affiliates are available to share relevant stories for media representatives during National Adoption Month including:

  • Do you want to know more about international adoption and how it is evolving? Eugene-based Holt International has welcomed over 44,000 children from 27 countries through international adoption and today reaches over 1 million children and individuals around the world. Truth is, the profile of adoption has significantly changed, and Holt is growing to provide holistic support services. If you seek to learn more about how adoption has changed and how Holt’s global impact is adapting, reach out today. We can present personal stories from adoptees and families to give insight and encouragement.

  • Post-Adoption Services are available for adoptees and families on their lifelong journey! Holt’s post adoption services team stands committed to serving all those whose lives have been touched by adoption: Adoptees, adoptive families, birth parents, and the entire adoption constellation. Holt offers these services to anyone seeking assistance, even if Holt was not the placing agency. Our team is here to care for families through their lifelong journey of adoption. To learn more about these programs, visit

  • Funds may be available to assist with International Adoption! We believe that finances should not be the primary barrier to prospective adoptive parents considering adoption. We partner with Gift of Adoption, Connected Hearts, and others who work to reduce or remove financial barriers for qualified families through grants and support.

  • Personal adoptee stories:

    • Dottie Enrico, Holt adoptee and the mother of an adult daughter adopted from Holt Korea, spotlights the significant changes affecting adoptees and adoptive parents today. Dottie currently leads the communications and creative efforts Holt.

    • Jordan Love, Holt adoptee and donor relations team member, shares his story of growing up as a child with special needs in Korea — and what it meant when he was adopted into a permanent, loving family.  Jordan desires to be a voice for adoptees, and to share his experiences with hopes of creating a platform for fundraising, awareness, and education. Read more here:

Today, from its headquarters in Eugene, Holt International reaches more than 1 million children and individuals around the world. For more in-depth information regarding these special interest stories, please reach out! Photo/video archives and interviews with adoptees and subject matter experts available upon request.

About Holt International Children's Services

Holt International is a Christian organization that provides care and support to many of the world's most vulnerable children — those who are orphaned, abandoned or at serious risk of separation from their family. We work in local communities around the world and strive to keep children in their families of birth by providing the care and support they need to grow and thrive as a family. For children who do not remain with their birth families, we help find loving families through adoption, foster and kinship care. To learn more, visit




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