New TDengine Connector Replicates Legacy PI Data into Modern Clouds with Just a Few Clicks

Delivers a Hybrid Solution that Lets Companies Keep Legacy PI System and Easily Gain All the Benefits Modern Cloud Analytics Provide

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TDengine™ today released a new PI Connector for its popular, cloud-native time-series data platform. The new connector allows enterprises in manufacturing, utilities, and other industries to replicate PI data to TDengine with just a few clicks—instantly moving legacy system data into a modern technology stack for open and cost-effective real-time analytics.

TDengine is a cloud-native time-series data platform that elastically scales data storage and real-time analytics to billions of devices. Released as open-source software in 2019, TDengine has over 19,500 stars on GitHub, and more than 165,000 instances across 50 countries worldwide. The TDengine Data Platform is optimized for industrial IoT and combines a database with caching, stream processing, and data subscription as a complete, purpose-built solution for time-series data.

The TDengine PI Connector is a simple and powerful solution that allows PI customers to build a hybrid solution leveraging their existing investment while giving them a path forward to expand their historian and data analytics.

“Valuable operational data is often locked in closed legacy historians, which slows development and innovation,” said Jeff Tao, founder and CEO of TDengine. “The TDengine PI Connector brings an open solution to industrial data to unlock data for modern data analytics tools.”

Benefits of TDengine PI Connector

  • Replicate Data into the Cloud with Just a Few Clicks. With the TDengine PI Connector, you can stream data continuously to TDengine Cloud simply by selecting PI points or AF templates, reducing deployment time from months to minutes. After a quick setup, the TDengine PI Connector handles the messy business of ETL, including automatic backfill after disruptions.

  • Scale Your System with a Powerful Hybrid Solution. In this solution, new points are stored in TDengine while legacy points remain in PI–—and all data stored in either system can be analyzed and visualized with PI AF, PI Vision or with the TDengine Data Explorer. Enterprises can retain current investments in PI and expand to a fully integrated hybrid solution in which PI and TDengine coexist.

  • Unlock Your Data with an Open System. TDengine works seamlessly with the data analytics and visualization tools used in modern data operations. TDengine is aligned with the open-source future of industrial IoT and enables smooth migration going forward by integrating industrial enterprise data into modern systems and workflows.

  • Eliminate Software Licensing with Pay-as-You-Go Pricing. With TDengine, you pay only for what you use, and the TDengine platform has no upfront costs or limitations on data points or analytics. TDengine is available as a fully managed service with automatic backup and data replication between clouds and regions.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled TDengine 3.0, delivering a fully distributed architecture with Kubernetes and container support. Last month, it released TDengine Cloud, a fully managed, open-source cloud time-series data platform.
The TDengine PI Connector is available with TDengine Cloud and the Enterprise Edition of TDengine 3.0.

New users can register at for a free account, and walk through a short tutorial to quickly understand the capabilities and advantages of using TDengine to unlock the power of their time-series data.

About TAOS Technology

TDengine™ is a popular open-source data platform purpose-built for time-series data. With over 19,500 stars on GitHub and hundreds of new running instances daily, TDengine is used in over 50 countries worldwide. The company has raised $70M in venture capital, including a $47M 2021 series B round from MatrixPartners China, Sequoia Capital China, GGV Capital, and Index Capital. Learn more at


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