Pfluger Announces Eight New Promotions

Austin, Texas, Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pfluger Architects, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of eight individuals whose work inspires others to create a more meaningful human experience.  

Senior Associates

Edward Rodriguez  

“Edward is one of the few that contributes to almost every project within the firm. Having worked across offices and collaborating consistently, he knows how to make our project teams successful. I have always known him to drop what he is doing to help get a deadline out. He approaches those difficult moments with professionalism and patience. Edward has not only helped elevate our product through specs but has also become a go-to person for all staff. He carries tremendous responsibility for the firm and does it with a sense of optimism. ” 

Christian Owens, Design Director

Joan Silva

“Joan is the glue that holds the San Antonio office together. She consistently proves that she will complete any task efficiently and effectively. She knows the answers to questions I haven’t even begun to ask and anticipates where issues may arise (and often has the solution already thought through).” 

Robyn Popa, Managing Principal – San Antonio 


Chris Heikkla

“Chris Heikkila has been a leader since the day he walked in the door. He maintains a positive, upbeat attitude and is always willing to lend his 30 years of experience—whether he has been assigned to a project, or not. He is approachable and a fundamental knowledge source for our younger staff. As a senior project manager, he shepherds projects from beginning to end. He’s a make-it-happen kind of guy and one that everyone would want to have on their team. I am grateful for his leadership in the Houston office and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.”

Michelle Dudley, Managing Principal – Houston 

Merri Joyas

“Merri is a highly motivated individual who contributes in many ways. She is savvy in her understanding of Revit and skilled at mentoring others in our office. She is eager for new experiences, to learn, and to improve her architectural skillset. Her lively personality makes the Houston office happier and helps us maintain great relationships with our clients and contractors.”

Michelle Dudley, Managing Principal – Houston

Levi Sancuic

“Undoubtedly, Levi is one of the best project architects in our organization. His thoughtful consideration of our projects’ detailed aspects and his mentorship of younger staff in our office make him an indispensable resource. Levi is consistently the most sought-after PA in our San Antonio office because of the quality of his work and his dedication to our projects.”

Andrew Perez, Principal

Desmon Odunusi 

“Desmon is a true rock star in business development—forming real friendships with clients, contractors, and consultants. He develops genuine relationships with districts by attending board meetings, fundraising events, and bond planning meetings. All while managing two projects in CA and one in design. He is proactive and takes ownership, the way we want PMs to work with our clients.”

Jessica Molter, Managing Principal – Austin

Casey Mirau 

“As a project designer for the firm, Casey is at the tip of the spear regarding our WHY. He has contributed to making our design process and our designs better by encouraging collaboration. Casey exhibits a do-whatever-it-takes mentality to achieve the best result for each project. He works tirelessly and unselfishly to advance the Pfluger brand, quickly working his way to becoming a senior-level designer. The quality of his craft has gained him the trust and respect of many of our clients. Top talent such as Casey will serve as the future for elevating the firm.”

Christian Owens, Design Director

Austin Nguyen 

“Austin is an excellent representation of all our core values. He works hard, is dedicated, and has a collaborative attitude that is easy to work with. I could go on and on, but everyone knows and sees his dedication and camaraderie. There isn’t a person in this firm that doesn’t enjoy working with Austin.” 

Jacqueline Warner, Principal  


ABOUT PFLUGER Founded in Austin, Texas, in 1972, Pfluger Architects believes architecture is more than the built environment. It's people—listening to the client and designing flexible, functional environments with sustainable solutions that positively impact the environment and bottom line. With offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Pfluger inspires people to create a more meaningful human experience.   


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