Global Regional Aircraft Market Outlook & Forecast Report 2022-2041 Featuring Analysis of Key OEMs - Embraer, Sukhoi, COMAC, ATR, & De Havilland Canada (DHC)

Dublin, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Regional Aircraft Market - 2022-2041 - Market Size, Competitive Landscape & Market Shares, Strategies & Plans for Aircraft OEMs, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook & Forecast through 2041" report has been added to's offering.

The Global Regional Aircraft market has been a key growth sector within Commercial Aviation globally while playing a key role in the traditional hub and spoke model as well as enabling opening of new routes under P2P model with regional aircrafts crucial to providing connectivity to many remote regions.

Regional aircrafts comprise regional jets and turboprops with each playing its niche role within commercial aviation. Regional aviation has been quick to recover from the pandemic's onslaught with demand & fleet activity almost close to pre-pandemic levels with domestic travel resurging resiliently and demand for new aircrafts likely to be led by the need for replacement of ageing aircrafts going forward especially for turboprops.

Among industry players, Bombardier's complete exit from commercial aviation and Mitsubishi's cancellation of its MRJ program have left Embraer as the sole hegemon in the regional jet market globally along with Sukhoi with its Superet 100 and COMAC, with its ARJ-21 program, as the niche, emerging regionally oriented players.

In the Turboprop market, ATR continues to dominate the market while focusing on incorporating incremental improvements on its existing product portfolio while the Dash 8-400 program is charting its course for the future and has recently forayed into the cargo market via the P2F route

Regional Aviation, however, continues to face complex & challenging conditions marked by supply chain disruptions, constraints and labor shortages with the aircraft OEMs unable to ramp up production rates from the abysmally low levels reached during the pandemic to meet resurging demand levels.

The industry supply chains and the global aviation industrial base are still carving their way out of the pandemic blues & inflicted financial blows while battling rising input costs, surging inflation and a rising interest rates led macroeconomic environment with the scenario unlikely to ameliorate over near term.

However, the surge in global air cargo traffic following the pandemic & e-commerce boost has emerged as a key growth opportunity for the regional aviation OEMs as well with Embraer launching the E190F & E195F freighters based on its E190/195 Jets positioned perfectly while filling a key market gap between the turboprops based freighters and entry level narrow-body freighters while ATR & DHC have already charted their flight paths for the air cargo market growth

Market Outlook, Trends & Challenges:

The aviation supplier base & supply chains are effectively gearing up for the upcoming action resiliently while offsetting the severe cuts made during the pandemic with production ramp-ups likely across OEMs over near term which are likely to peak again close to the pre-pandemic levels by mid to the end of 2023. The long-term industry fundamentals, however, remain robust and firmly in place with forecasts for strong tailwinds to prevail with regional air traffic projected to grow at 4.5% over the next two decades.

Additionally, sustainability challenges remain the top long term priority for aviation with the industry required to go green and absolutely carbon-neutral by 2050 by focusing on sustainability and transitioning to sustainable power sources with regional aircrafts likely to be the first to spearhead the switch by adopting electric and hydrogen based propulsion systems

Relevance & Usefulness: The report will provide answers to key questions, which include:-

  • What is the Structure & Size of the Global Regional Aircraft Market?
  • How is the Global Regional Aircraft Market split across players, in terms, of Market Shares?
  • Which are the Strategic Areas & Market Segments being focused upon by the Regional Aircraft OEMs?
  • What are the Key Strategies & Plans being Conceptualized & Pursued by the leading Aircraft Manufacturers?
  • What is the size & distribution of existing, in-service fleet of Regional aircrafts globally?
  • Which are going to be the Key Growth Markets & Regions for Regional Aircrafts through 2041?
  • Which are the Key Industry, Market & Technology Trends likely to Shape the Future of Commercial Aviation?
  • What is the Demand Outlook for Regional Aircrafts across Regions through 2041?

Key Topics Covered:

Part 1: Analysis on Aircraft OEMs

Section 1: Global Regional Aircraft Market - Introduction & Overview

Section 2: Market Segmentation
2.1 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Key Aircraft Platforms & Programs across Segments
2.2 Market Size - Global Regional Aircraft Market - in Units & Value Terms

Section 3: Global In-Service Regional Aircraft Fleet
3.1 Global In-Service Regional Aircraft Fleet - Size - In Aircraft Units
3.2 Fleet Distribution by Segments - Regional Jets & Turboprops
3.3 Fleet Distribution by Regions
3.4 Fleet Distribution by OEMs
3.5 Fleet Share by OEMs
3.6 Fleet Share by Aircraft Programs
3.7 Global In-Service Regional Freighter Fleet

Section 4: Commercial Aviation - Regional Aircraft Segment - Key Demand & Market Drivers

Section 5: Competitive Landscape
5.1 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Market Shares for Manufacturers - In Delivery Units & Value
5.2 Global Market Shares - Turboprops vs. Regional Jets
5.3 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Order Backlog Shares for OEMs
5.4 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Order Backlog Shares for Aircraft Platforms
5.5 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Order Intake Shares for Aircraft OEMs
5.6 Global Regional Aircraft Market - Order Intake Shares for Aircraft Platforms across Segments

Section 6: Global Regional Aircraft Deliveries Split by Key Geographic Regions and Segments
6.1 Global Regional Aircraft Deliveries Trend
6.1.1 Regional Jets
6.1.2 Turboprops
6.2 Regional Aircraft Deliveries Split by Key Market Segments - Jets & Turboprops

Part 2: Analysis on Key Regional Aircraft OEMs

  • Embraer
  • Sukhoi
  • ATR
  • De Havilland Canada (DHC)

Section 7: Business Structure & Snapshot - On the Regional Aircraft OEMs
a) Founded
b) Headquartered
c) Business Segments
d) Employees
e) Product Portfolio - Major Narrow Body Aircraft Programs and Competing Programs
f) Market Capitalization
g) Key Executives
h) Shareholding Pattern & Structure

Section 8: Financial Performance Snapshot - Charts & Analysis for each OEM:
1. Revenue Base & Growth Trend
2. Revenues Split by Key Segments
3. Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions
4. Gross Earnings & Margin Trend
5. Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend
6. Return on Sales Trend
7. Profitability Growth Trend
8. Cash Flow from Operations
9. R&D Expenditure Trend
10. CAPEX Trend

Section 9 - Strategic Positioning & SWOT Analysis - For Each of the Regional Aircraft Manufacturers

Section 10: Overall Strategy Focus - For the Regional Aircraft OEMs

  • Embraer
  • Sukhoi
  • ATR
  • De Havilland Canada (DHC)

Section 11: Key Strategies & Plans - For the Regional Aircraft OEMs - Comprehensive Analysis of Key Strategies & Plans for each Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans
  • Market Specific Strategies & Plans
  • R&D Strategies & Plans
  • Growth Strategies & Plans
  • Business & Corporate Strategies & Plans
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies & Plans
  • Production/Manufacturing Strategies & Plans
  • Financial Strategies & Plans
  • Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs
  • Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives

Part 3: Market Evolution for Regional Aircrafts Over Medium to Long Term

Section 12: Global Commercial Aircraft Market - Force Field Analysis - Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics

Section 13: Key Industry Trends

Section 14: Key Market Trends

Section 15: Key Technology Trends

Section 16: Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors

Section 17: Strategic Market Outlook - Global Regional Aircraft Market - 2022-2041
17.1 Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario for Commercial & Regional Aviation in the Post Pandemic World - Macro Trend & Projected Regional Aircraft Deliveries
17.2 Global Regional Aircraft Deliveries Forecasts - 2022-2041 - In Units Terms
17.3 Delivery Forecasts for Regional Aircrafts - 2022-2041 - In Value Terms
17.4 Delivery Shares Forecasts for Regional Aircrafts in the Global Commercial Aircraft Market - 2022-2041 - Regional Jets vs. Turboprops
17.5 Projected Global In-Service Regional Aircraft Fleet Forecast through 2041 - In Units
17.6 Global In-Service Regional Aircraft Fleet Distribution by Regions, Split by Aircraft Type - Jets vs. Turboprops & Growth
17.7 Global Regional Freighter Fleet - Growth Forecast through 2041
17.8 Global Projected Regional Aircraft Deliveries Split for Geographic Regions - 2022-2041

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