OFWI Coalition: Expel Chinese Communist Party Police; Shut Stations Down

TORONTO, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is operating illegal police stations in the United States and Canada, a new report from Safeguard Defenders revealed. Their reports found the CCP is operating at least 54 illegal police stations around the world, with 3 in Toronto and 1 in New York City.

A coalition led by One Free World International (OFWI) is inviting Americans and Canadians to sign a petition (https://ofwi.org/expel-ccp-police) calling for the following:

    We the undersigned call on the Canadian and American governments to immediately shut down illegal Chinese overseas police stations and deport their agents back to China.

    We the undersigned call for action from the international community to stop the Chinese Communist Party’s intimidation beyond its borders and do more to protect human rights.

    We the undersigned call for a full accounting of how these stations were allowed to open and operate in Canada and the United States. We need to know this will not happen again and what lessons can be learned. Canadian and American authorities need to prosecute individuals responsible for collaborating with these illegal police stations.

“This is a big scandal that puts Canadian and American lives at risk,” says Majed El Shafie, OFWI President & Founder. “Chinese security agents have no business being here and we are calling for them to be expelled immediately.”

El Shafie adds “Canada and the United States must put a stop to this. We must defend our sovereignty and stand up for the universal values of human rights. We must do more to stand with the people of China who are suffering under the tyrannical rule of Xi Jinping’s communist dictatorship.”

The coalition’s petition, located at https://ofwi.org/expel-ccp-police, will be shared with the Canadian and U.S. governments. Coalition members believe it is critical that the public are owed a full investigation and accounting in order to prevent further nefarious activity by the CCP.

OFWI is joined in the coalition by:

  • Federation For A Democratic China
  • East Turkistan Association of Canada
  • Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Toronto
  • Democratic Party of China - Canada Committee
  • East Turkistan Federation of Canada
  • East Turkistan Government in Exile
  • Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada
  • Assembly of Citizen

OFWI’s President Majed El Shafie is available for media interviews by phone or video connection.

About OFWI: For nearly 20 years, OFWI has been a voice for the voiceless. Based in Toronto, Canada, OFWI promotes and protects the rights of religious minorities around the world. Through OFWI’s work on the frontlines of today’s human rights struggles, they bring those voices to decision makers who have the power to enact even greater change to see human rights upheld.

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