ENGAGE XR Launches ENGAGE Link to Help Businesses Expand Into The Metaverse

Lenovo, KPMG US, KIA, Adtalem, MTN Group and Musical Icon, Fatboy Slim Join a Portfolio of 14 Launch Partners

NEW YORK, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ENGAGE XR Holdings Plc (AIM: EXR; Euronext Growth: EXR), a virtual reality ('VR') technology company and provider of virtual communications solutions in the metaverse, today announced it has launched the next phase of its metaverse evolution, ENGAGE Link. ENGAGE Link is a business-focused metaverse platform designed for corporations, professionals, education organizations, and event organizers to create their own virtual worlds, provide services directly to their clients and allow them to engage with employees, customers and suppliers. An example of ENGAGE Link can be viewed HERE.

“The launch of ENGAGE Link is a huge moment for ENGAGE XR, transforming us into a leading metaverse technology company that can help create and bring the metaverse strategies of leading global organizations to life,” said David Whelan, CEO of ENGAGE XR. “While other metaverses have focused on the social, advertising and entertainment opportunities, we are creating a platform that will allow companies to more effectively engage with employees, customers, and suppliers around the world and provide a new way for educational institutions to engage with their students.”

ENGAGE Link is an evolution of ENGAGE XR’s successful immersive communications platform which has grown to serve more than 180 commercial customers over the three years since its launch in 2019. The new platform enables clients to develop new business models and create revenue opportunities through the publicly explorable persistent metaverse world where users can socialize with other professionals and visit client-made virtual locations. Users can take part in meetups, training days, product launches, demonstrations, and events, including full-length concerts.

The Worlds Within Link
ENGAGE Link is expected to be used extensively for private events, stakeholder communications, education and training.

ENGAGE Link is divided into locations called Plazas, and there are currently 14 launch partners who have set up or are in the process of building their metaverse locations within the platform. Current partners include Lenovo, KPMG US, KIA, Adtalem, MTN Group and Musical Icon, Fatboy Slim and more.

The initial Plazas include:

  • Enterprise Plaza - This is an area for corporations and professionals, which currently features metaworlds built by or for HTC, KIA, KPMG US, Lenovo and MTN.
  • Education Plaza - This is primarily a location for educational institutions and organizations and currently includes Optima Ed, Adtalem, the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School, Stanford University and Victory XR. ENGAGE Link is already being used as a location for 10 Meta-funded "Metaversities" providing education to thousands of students in the U.S. working with other virtual schools around the globe.
  • Creative Plaza - This is a location for brands, artists, content studios and creatives and showcases some of the most creative and boundary-pushing ideas in the metaverse. This currently features artists such as Fatboy Slim (a.k.a Norman Cook) who will be performing a full-length virtual concert in ENGAGE Link early in 2023.
  • Central Plaza - This plaza is the starting point for new visitors to the ENGAGE Link metaverse. It is used as a meeting point and event space. Visitors can simply walk-through portals to other locations within the ENGAGE metaverse.

"As the enterprise metaverse changes how we do business, Lenovo is creating cutting-edge solutions like the ThinkReality VRX so our customers can adopt and scale immersive experiences for work,” said Jason McGuigan, head of commercial VR, Lenovo. "Lenovo's presence on ENGAGE Link is a valuable opportunity to interact with customers, developers and leaders from the XR industry to explore and create value together."

"The Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab has a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with ENGAGE, having utilized the ENGAGE platform extensively for experiential education, collaboration, creation and research,” said Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. “We are happy to partner with ENGAGE Link to explore and help shape the opportunities a persistent, virtual ecosystem designed for professionals, creatives and educational institutions, in which any experience may be made possible, might provide." 

“With a greater focus than ever before on sustainability and hybrid working, the stage is set for the professional metaverse to change how companies conduct business, and how they communicate with employees, customers and each other. ENGAGE XR aims to be at the forefront of this revolution as we lead the way in terms of enterprise and education applications for the metaverse,” said Whelan.

To learn more about ENGAGE XR and ENGAGE Link, please visit the company’s blog and website https://engageplc.com and follow us on social on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

ENGAGE XR Holdings Plc (AIM: EXR; Euronext Growth: EXR) is a metaverse technology company focused on becoming a leading global provider of virtual communications solutions through its new fully featured corporate metaverse, ENGAGE Link. The Company also has a proprietary software platform, ENGAGE. ENGAGE provides users with a platform for creating, sharing, and delivering VR content for education, training, and online events through its three solutions: Virtual Campus, Virtual Office, and Virtual Events. EXR is listed on AIM in London and on the Euronext Growth Market in Dublin, a market operated by Euronext Dublin. For further information, please visit: https://engageplc.com and follow us on social on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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