Mars Players™ Announces THE ONE: All-in-One Camping Companion for Outdoor Adventures

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Mars Players™, a company focused on providing professional E-Core camping equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, announced an all-in-one camp kitchen with modules for cooking, far infrared heater, lighting and more. This super-efficient outdoor device turns camping into a luxury experience that adds comfort and convenience to any outdoor activities. Now, people can enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of home. For more information about Mars Players™ The One, visit here.

Mars Players™' mission is to electrify, lighten and simplify camping equipment for all outdoor enthusiasts by making it more environmentally friendly and easy to use. As pioneers of the E-Core Camping concept that combines Electric, Elegant and Environmentally-friendly into every product, their devices accelerate camping from "complex is normal" to "simple is the best".

The One has three foldable panels that extend to provide a stable platform that becomes the center of activity for cooking and heating effects. It makes camp cooking a breeze, quickly boiling water for dehydrated meals or freshly made coffee, or grilling meats on the grilling module. If it's hot out, cool drinks can be made in minutes without the need for ice, provided by the cooling module. The One is the ultimate outdoor cooking station that is portable, powerful, and efficient for any outdoor adventure.

Thanks to Red-X technology, the far-infrared heating film generates heat instantly and is well protected from heat loss into the air, so it heats up with 98.4% ultra-high thermal efficiency and less power. 

"At Mars Players™, our mission is guided by an environmentally-friendly approach, and we commit to ambitious climate action advocated by UNDRR. The One has zero emissions and no open flame, making it safe from fire danger and a low-carbon equipment choice, and its high energy conversion rate makes it sustainable for long-term use. The One is perfect for barbecues, picnics, parties, and other outdoor activities. It's the best outdoor cooking solution that is clean, efficient and doesn't require difficult cooking over an open fire. With Red-X Heating Technology for high-efficiency & low energy consumption, The One provides virtually instant heating for cooking and keeping warm around camp. Through continuous technical upgrades and application innovations, our products let everyone who loves the outdoors embrace the E-Core glamping concept, and enjoy the wilderness with more confidence." - LI GANG, CEO at Mars Players™

In addition to heating, cooking and cooling modules, The One has powerful features that add convenience and comfort for the outdoors, such as built-in pendant lights, a laser positioning system to accurately determine location, and an ultrasonic pest repellent to keep insects away. As a safety feature, The One also has a built-in emergency tool kit that is equipped with a compass and a torch, and it can be used as a hammer in case of emergency. Other outdoor supplies can also be stored inside.

Mars Players™ The One: all-in-one camping gear for outdoor adventures is the best way to tame the outdoors with high technology and enjoy a premium cooking experience, comfortable radiant heating capabilities, pest control, and more. It's the perfect camping companion for all outdoor activities and family fun. Mars Players™ The One will be available on Kickstarter with special discounts for early adopters. Learn more here.

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Kevin Chor
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