Vortic Watch Company releases the 2022 Military Edition this Veterans Day

Made from salvaged antique American pocket watches originally manufactured for the U.S. Army Air Corps, the 50-piece Military Edition and 15-piece Special Edition watches are nostalgia on a wrist

FORT COLLINS, Colo. , Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  FORT COLLINS, Colo. — (Nov. 10, 2022) — Vortic Watch Company, a northern Colorado-based custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company, today announced the launch of the fourth iteration of its limited Military Edition custom wristwatches.

“Our customers say this is ‘the coolest watch on the planet,’” said R.T. Custer, founder and CEO of Vortic Watch Company. “With its magnificent black dial, white hands and a long sweeping second hand, this year’s Military Edition features a 24-hour pocket watch mechanism originally utilized by navigators on bomber aircraft to help win World War II. From the skies over Europe and the Pacific Ocean to customers’ wrists, these stunning timepieces preserve a uniquely rare relic of American military history.” 

Available at noon (Mountain time) on Veterans Day, the 2022 Military Edition is made from salvaged antique pocket watches commissioned by the U.S. government at the beginning of World War II and built for the Army Air Corps navigators. The Military Edition features standardized black dials with simple, white 24-hour markings. Its hour, minute and second hands are white, and the second hand is equipped with a hacking feature allowing the timepieces to be used as stopwatches as well. Each of the 15 pieces in this year’s Special Edition has a white dial, blue minute and hour hands, a red sweeping second hand, a gold-flashed movement, and a solid bronze case. 

“Known as the Master Navigator’s Watch, the AN5740-1 — the inspiration behind this year’s Military Edition — empowered brave soldiers in the skies to know the time accurately,” continued Custer. “With our fourth Military Edition, we’re preserving — and even enhancing — that incredible piece of American history. As one of the only companies to completely build our watches in the United States, we work to protect as much of each watch’s history — the original dial, hands and movement — as possible to maintain the provenance and historical integrity of the watch and bring their one-of-a-kind stories to life.”

Every watch in the 50-piece fourth Military Edition iteration contains an original antique Hamilton 4992B movement, while the 15-piece 2022 Special Edition is the first Military Edition watch from Vortic to feature an Elgin movement. All movements were originally manufactured to be extremely accurate and protected from aircraft vibrations and restored using only original parts by Vortic.

A portion of the sale of each 2022 Military Edition watch will benefit the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative, a nonprofit program that provides training for U.S. military veterans who wish to become professional watchmakers. Customers can also opt to double the donation and contribute another $500. To date, Vortic has raised more than $100,000 to benefit the organization.

For more information about this year’s Military Edition from Vortic Watch Company, visit VorticWatches.com/military.

About Vortic Watch Company

Established in 2014, Vortic Watch Company is a custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a mission to preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America, Vortic has built a name for itself by resurrecting the former glory of American watchmaking. Vortic’s unique approach begins with a piece of history itself — each Vortic timepiece starts with an antique pocket watch movement and dial from an American heritage brand. Vortic surrounds these historic internals with brand new wristwatch cases made of Colorado-machined titanium, blending the latest manufacturing practices with authentic pieces of American manufacturing history.



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