Sisters of the Valley Launch Customer Loyalty Program

Every Purchase Earns Points Spendable on All Products in the Sisters' Store

Merced, California, Nov. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley are happy to announce their new customer loyalty program, whereby points are earned with every purchase and can be redeemed for any products in the store.  There is no expiration on the points and the program is simple to sign up for at

“Right now, and through the end of the year, everyone who signs up gets an automatic 250 points,” explained Sister Maria, of New Zealand and their newest arrival to the California farm.  “One of the first things I did when I arrived to the farm was to study our customers and I learned, surprisingly, that over two hundred of our customers spend over two thousand dollars a year with us!  That was super interesting to me and I got busy with our development team in launching a program that would reward all our customers, in proportion to how they support us."

The Sisters’ loyalty program is quite sophisticated and awards points for birthdays, for referrals and for social media sharing.

Sister Kate explains, “In our first seven years of operations, we had to change store platforms three times and it is always an expensive move.  The first time, we moved from ETSY to a home-grown store site because ETSY abruptly stopped allowing CBD products to be sold.  The second move was because our WordPress-driven store was not search engine visible and the third time was because a certain company I won't mention began as a web-store platform but transitioned into the payment processing business and suddenly, our payment apps became troubled.  And it was interesting that the troubles on their platform coincided with them trying to convince us to use their payment processor.  They actually sent us a notice saying 'we noticed you are having trouble with payment processing, perhaps you should consider using us!'  I was horrified and we immediately began the transition away from their platform.  We moved because we couldn’t be intimidated into leaving Square.  This last time we moved store platforms, we landed on Shopify and couldn’t be happier with all the bells and whistles they provide.  Shopify made launching a robust loyalty program a walk in the park.”

The Sisters make hand-made medicinal hemp and mushroom products on their one-acre farm in California and ship them world-wide.





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