MD Coin - Universal Cryptocurrency in the Metaverse World

MetaData is considered the most efficient underlying blockchain network for projects focused on providing digital payment solutions.

Chengdu, China, Nov. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency mining pool MetaData today launched a new cloud mining service. Through mining, MD Coin can be obtained. MD Coin will provide application solutions for the MetaData ecosystem including digital services, payments, e-commerce, and online streaming platforms.

Cloud mining services provide more people with the opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies, and solve the problems of installing and configuring mining machines, high cost of purchasing equipment, and expensive electricity for novice miners.

"By launching cloud mining services, we have lowered the threshold for mining," Said COO of MetaData. "Although more institutional players are entering the industry to build large-scale mining farms, individual miners can still participate in cloud mining and earn MD Coin in the process of mining."

MetaData development roadmap:

The first stage:

  • 1. Formation of Meta Data team - November 2021

Phase 2: Release some products

  • 1. Release Meta Data White Paper Version 1.0 - March 2022
  • 2. Public Meta Data website - March 2022
  • 3. Official operation of POS mining system - April 2022

Phase 3: Blockchain Infrastructure Construction

  • 1. Basic authentication for user binding information - July 2022
  • 2. Open the transfer function to support currency circulation - August 2022
  • 3. Building Meta Data application scenarios - September 2022

Stage 4: Blockchain Infrastructure Operation 

  • 1. Run Meta Data Basic Application Scenario - October 2022
  • 2. Development of community governance and third-party community Coin lock-up rewards-October 2022
  • 3. List Meta Data Coin System - November 2022

Stage 5: Perfect Blockchain Infrastructure

  • 1. Improve the function of community governance - January 2023
  • 2. Launch task system and task review mechanism - February 2023
  • 3. Develop Meta chain and fast blockchain development platform - March 2023

With the acceptance of blockchain technology by more and more people, MetaData began to build a blockchain-based payment system to provide a highly accessible and highly secure payment channel for the blockchain industry. MetaData is not just a payment solution, it is also committed to building a new digital payment-based ecosystem.

MetaData is considered the most efficient underlying blockchain network for projects focused on providing digital payment solutions. Additionally, the Meta network aims to build a broad ecosystem with a number of decentralized projects to further expand the use cases of its native Coin. MetaData will launch Ethereum-based decentralized applications to nurture its planned ecosystem.

MetaData is a powerful and easy-to-use cryptocurrency cloud mining platform for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We will distribute MD Coin through tasks and cloud mining systems to build a bridge between the metaverse and the real world, so that the metaverse has more profound meaning and value.

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