Consumers Compensated for Illegal Fees Charged by Dealerships for Lease Buyouts According to Newhart Legal, PA

Newhart Legal, PA attorney Darren Newhart has recovered more than $130,000 for these Florida consumers and is filing additional cases for individuals who have been overcharged.

PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consumers have been charged illegal fees by car dealerships when they purchase their leased vehicles. Some individuals have wrongly paid thousands of dollars in unlawful fees. Newhart Legal, PA attorney Darren Newhart has recovered more than $130,000 for these Florida consumers and is filing additional cases for individuals who have been overcharged. 

Skyrocketing interest rates and inventory shortages have led to uncertainty in the new car market. Leased car values are well above historical rates, and many dealerships are seeking to recoup losses by adding fees when customers buy out their leases. Newhart is helping put a stop to this unfair and illegal practice.

"The response has been tremendous because so many car buyers have been affected," said attorney Darren Newhart. "We are successfully recovering fees and statutory damages for car buyers affected by these illegal practices. Unfortunately, most consumers don't know they can fight the dealers and get their money back at no upfront, out-of-pocket cost."

Although the used car market is starting to recover, new car inventories are still at record lows. With fewer cars to sell, dealerships have looked for alternative sources of income. This has led to an increase in fees, including illegal fees that were not in the original lease contract. Car dealers are legally obligated to honor the original terms of the lease. Illegal changes to buyout terms can include:

  • Charging a higher price to buy out the vehicle than the buyout provision in the original lease.
  • Adding fees that weren't disclosed in the original lease agreement.
  • Forcing consumers to certify their leased vehicle as roadworthy or certified pre-owned.
  • Forcing consumers to purchase extended service contracts.

Consumers who have purchased a leased vehicle within the last year can find out if they have a claim by calling (877) 921-3543 or visiting

"Dealerships are discreetly adding fees, and many consumers pay these bogus charges to buy out their leased vehicle without even realizing it. We want to help car buyers explore their rights and get the compensation they deserve," said Newhart.

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Darren Newhart of Newhart Legal, PA, is a consumer protection attorney. Newhart Legal, PA, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, is currently accepting inquiries from individuals who exercised a buyout option on a lease within the last year and were overcharged by a dealership.

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