Quantropi Wins Prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

Quantropi’s TrUE Quantum-Secure cryptographic solutions for IoT recognized by Deloitte Fast 50 for new technologies in the mobility sector

OTTAWA, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantum-secure communications company Quantropi, Inc. is thrilled to announced it is one of this year’s recipients of the highly coveted Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award. Distributed in Germany, the award honors some of the fastest growing tech companies in many key sectors of the innovation economy.

Quantropi won in the category of "Quantum in Mobility", which focuses on innovative quantum technology solutions to control and protect mobility. Quantropi’s QiSpace™ platform offers unprecedented cryptographic performance benefits for the Mobility sector, which includes connected and self-navigating vehicles.

“Winning a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award is a great honor,” said James Nguyen, CEO of Quantropi. “We’re pleased and proud that Deloitte recognized the unique capability of our TrUE quantum-secure cryptography solutions to protect mission-critical embedded systems from today’s cyberattacks and tomorrow’s Quantum Threat, known as ‘Y2Q’.”

QiSpace™ is a total game-changer — not just for mobility, but for for the entire embedded space,” said Michael Redding, CTO at Quantropi. “Many IoT devices already lack adequate security protection due to the computing power required by cryptography today. Only Quantropi provides public keys less than half the size of NIST PQC finalists and digital signatures up to 180x smaller than NIST Digital Signature finalists, plus 5x faster generation, encryption and decryption; encryption up to 18x faster than AES-256 and requiring less than 10% of the power consumption; and strong random numbers for low-entropy embedded systems with quality surpassing NIST, ENT and Dieharder testing.”

“A seamless upgrade to Quantum security forever, with lightweight performance that eclipses all alternatives, including NIST candidates — that’s what makes QiSpace™ a winner for IoT and mobility,” added Redding.

“We have been honoring innovative and fast-growing companies for 20 years now and every year I am amazed at how much creativity there is,” said Oliver Salzmann, Deloitte Partner and Managing Director of Deloitte’s KI GmbH. “The award winners show how it is possible to take up current trends and turn them into viable business models.”

The Fast 50 win comes on the heels of an extended period of growth and achievement for Quantropi, which has raised over $12M in seed funding to date, had 8 patents granted with another 10 pending, and published no less than 20 peer-reviewed academic papers, including in such esteemed publications as Springer and Nature. A recognized innovation powerhouse, Quantropi has also marked the first-ever implementation of symmetric encryption on a quantum computer, has quantum-secured commercial VPN and file sharing applications, has deployed World Record performing Digital Quantum Key Distribution, and is a NATO Approved Supplier.

About Quantropi, Inc.
A Canadian start-up founded in 2018 with a purpose to defend Truth and Trust infinitely, Quantropi is bound to be the standard for end-to-end quantum-secure communications and encryption. The company’s next-generation technology works over today’s Internet, enabling enterprises to begin immediately transitioning to permanent quantum security, with minimal investment in new hardware or infrastructure. The company’s flagship QiSpace™ hybrid SaaS platform is uniquely capable of all three criteria for complete cryptographic integrity: Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy – or “TrUE” – providing organizations, product managers, and application developers with quantum-secure cryptographic functions to protect data, networks, and systems.

About Deloitte Fast 50 Award
For the 20th time, Deloitte has honored the fastest growing technology companies in Germany this year. A total of 50 startups in the fields of biotechnology & pharmaceuticals, energy technology, communication, digital content, media & entertainment, hardware, medical technology, software and fintech received the Fast 50 Award. The basis for the evaluation by an expert jury is the total growth of revenues over the past four years (2018-2021). The candidates must have achieved sales of at least EUR 1 million in the 2021 financial year. The three categories included Technology Fast 50 Award for fastest growing startups, digitization and sustainability, and the Challenge Award for new technology solutions in the mobility and health sectors.


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