Fauna Launches Virtual Private Offering of its Serverless Database for the Most Demanding Enterprise Applications

Built on proven architecture used by over 3,500 development teams, Virtual Private Fauna adds higher performance guarantees, geography and cloud provider choice

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fauna, the distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API, announced Virtual Private Fauna to further support demanding enterprise workloads. Virtual Private Fauna provides enterprise customers and mission critical applications with higher performance guarantees and additional geographic and cloud provider choice.

Database maintenance and data compliance requirements stifle developer productivity. Fauna’s API delivery model and native serverless architecture eliminates the need for provisioning, sharding, replication, and capacity planning. Designed for growing applications with rigorous requirements, Virtual Private Fauna adds flexibility while giving developers more time to innovate. Customers now can specify performance requirements and choose both the cloud provider and geographic region to use Fauna. Enterprise organizations still receive Fauna’s strong consistency guarantees, flexibility, exceptional developer experience – all without compromising performance.

“We work with enterprise customers who love Fauna’s unique document relational model, consistency guarantees, and API delivery model, but have requirements not suited for our public, multi-tenant service. These include specific performance requirements and the ability to select their geography and cloud provider,” said Eric Berg, CEO of Fauna. “The addition of Virtual Private Fauna allows us to meet these needs while retaining our API delivery model.”

Unlike other managed service offerings currently available, Virtual Private Fauna preserves the benefits of a truly serverless database. Provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, correctness, and patching are all done automatically. Databases are available through an API call. Enterprise customers can standardize on Fauna as their operational database platform and use it across public clouds rather than having to use a different operational database in every cloud. Virtual Private Fauna also provides enterprises with the entire suite of Fauna capabilities, including rigorous security and authentication controls, backup and restore capability, and event streaming.

As a distributed, document-relational database, Fauna eliminates the burden of database administration, freeing developers to create. Today, Fauna is trusted by organizations of all sizes in over 108 countries across the globe and supports 3,500+ development teams and 170,000+ databases. Enterprises like Santander and Everly Health rely on Fauna to deliver consistency, availability, security, and performance for their applications.

To learn more about Virtual Private Fauna and Fauna’s underlying technology, visit Fauna.com.

About Fauna
Fauna is a distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API. It combines support for semi-structured data with powerful relational features such as foreign keys, views, and joins. A native serverless architecture means customers worry less about operations. Developers choose Fauna to build new applications faster and confidently scale existing ones across regions and the globe. Builders and scalers like Lexmark, Cloaked, Insights GG, Hannon Hill, Everly Health, Connexin, DLTR, Santander, and Azion trust Fauna to accelerate development and solve mission-critical challenges. Backed by premier venture investors Madrona Venture Group, ADDITION, GV, and CRV, Fauna is headquartered in San Francisco with an experienced leadership team hailing from Microsoft, Okta, Twitter, Amazon, and Oracle. For more information visit fauna.com or follow us at @fauna.

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