Fauna Adds Intelligent Routing to Globally Distributed Serverless Database

Fauna’s distributed architecture and intelligent routing combine to provide developers an easy way to build fast, highly available applications locally and meet data residency requirements as they expand globally

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fauna, the distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API, today announced Intelligent Routing, providing developers a single endpoint to access any database, anywhere across Fauna’s global footprint. All applications built on or migrated to Fauna utilize Intelligent Routing to scale applications globally while staying compliant with data residency requirements. This powerful new offering determines the most efficient way to route requests and queries to databases across geographies and cloud providers.

Developers face challenges navigating data sovereignty, security, and consistency, especially as their applications scale across regions. Typically, addressing each requires manual intervention immediately and over time, adding costs and decreasing productivity. Fauna eliminates this heavy-lifting. The net result is that developers can spend more time creating and innovating on their applications, easily scale locally or across regions, and satisfy data residency requirements.

“Thousands of development teams around the world have picked Fauna based on our unique document-relational model and low operational overhead,” said Eric Berg, CEO of Fauna. “Intelligent Routing enables us to offer developers a single endpoint to access any database across Fauna’s global footprint. This makes it easy for teams to eliminate any data-related friction as they scale applications across regions and the globe.”

“Fabriq enables operators and managers on shop floors globally to collaborate. Our single AWS region EC2 and Aurora infrastructure didn’t enable us to meet the security and performance needs of our customers and scaling across regions would have been too complex and expensive,” said Yacine Hmito, Head of Technology at Fabriq. “With Fauna, we get a strongly consistent backend with built in replication and no operational overhead resulting in a very cost effective way to offer great performance globally. Fauna’s intelligent routing across region groups allows us to easily meet our data residency requirements and because Fauna is surfaced as an API it integrates seamlessly with our Cloudflare Workers compute layer.”

All databases within Fauna have a globally unique ID accessed through a single API endpoint. Developers can access any and all databases across Fauna’s global footprint. Fauna’s distributed by default architecture includes a Calvin-based, distributed transaction log to provide consistent, multi-region replication. This means all data is replicated with strong consistency and built in redundancy against regional failures.

Each query is executed on an ACID-compliant transaction. Intelligent Routing inspects queries and routes it to the appropriate geography for the target database. The query is then directed to the database that is closest to the user’s region. Now, developers with global applications can easily manage data and meet residency requirements either globally or in a particular geographic area.

With the addition of Intelligent Routing, development teams can now take full advantage of Fauna’s powerful distributed serverless architecture. The database itself has been battle tested – tens of thousands of developers have created hundreds of thousands of databases, stored hundreds of terabytes of data, and sent billions of requests to the service in production.

For more information on Fauna’s distributed architecture and Intelligent Routing, visit Fauna.com.

About Fauna
Fauna is a distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API. It combines support for semi-structured data with powerful relational features such as foreign keys, views, and joins. A native serverless architecture means customers worry less about operations. Developers choose Fauna to build new applications faster and confidently scale existing ones across regions and the globe. Builders and scalers like Lexmark, Cloaked, Insights GG, Hannon Hill, Everly Health, Connexin, DLTR, Santander, and Azion trust Fauna to accelerate development and solve mission-critical challenges. Backed by premier venture investors Madrona Venture Group, ADDITION, GV, and CRV, Fauna is headquartered in San Mateo with an experienced leadership team hailing from Microsoft, Okta, Twitter, Amazon, and Oracle. For more information visit fauna.com or follow us at @fauna.

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