The Brains Reveal: 5 Underused Local SEO Strategies That Boost Revenue

London, UK, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National and international SEO are widely used by businesses, but focusing on local SEO strategies can sometimes help drive your SERPs rankings faster.

Local SEO is mainly used by businesses that are open to the public and require footfall to boost revenue, such as shops, restaurants, healthcare clinics by helping to increase brand awareness and create a solid customer base.

Implementing a successful local SEO strategy can be challenging and it can be difficult to know where, or how to even start. This is why our digital marketing experts at The Brains have created a resource post to demonstrate the best strategies. 

You can read the full post here

Speaking of importance of local SEO strategies, James Speyer, Head of SEO at The Brains, says:

“As a local business or trader, your local community and area should be the main focus of your SEO efforts to ensure you are engaging with as many customers as possible. 

Putting together a successful local SEO strategy and seeing the results will over time, increase core business KPIs such as your click through rate, lead generation, and ultimate conversions.” 

  • James Speyer, The Brains

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