Centric Consulting Earns Three New Salesforce Specializations

Growing National Salesforce practice through platform expertise and demonstrated customer satisfaction

Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Centric Consulting, an international business and technology consulting firm, announced it earned three new Salesforce specializations across the nonprofit industry, Customer 360 Platform and Marketing Cloud. 

Salesforce provides Specialization status based on a partner’s expertise demonstrated by credentials (knowledge), completed projects (experience), and verified customer satisfaction (quality of work). Based on this, Centric achieved Salesforce Partner Specialization status in these three categories: 

  • Industry Specialization: for successfully working and implementing multiple projects for nonprofit industries 
  • Integration Specialization in Customer 360 Platform: for demonstrating expertise and capabilities to integrate Salesforce with external systems and processes 
  • Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Specialization: for campaign management and CRM targeting solutions to deliver consistent experiences across corporate marketing and partner networks

“Client satisfaction and success are the cornerstones of everything we do. We are proud to have earned an average 5-star rating from our clients and be a recognized Salesforce partner for customer success,” said Traci Whetzel, Centric’s Director of Salesforce Services. “Our team has earned 34 Salesforce credentials so far this year and is pursuing more certifications to keep up with the expansion of the Salesforce platform and current needs in the market. The more expertise we have in a specific cloud, product or industry, the better we can provide tailored solutions to our clients.” 

Centric has been a trusted Salesforce consulting partner since 2008, providing clients with solutions that meet their evolving business needs, eliminating Salesforce challenges and enabling their organizations to thrive. To learn more about Centric’s Salesforce Practice and other Salesforce capabilities, visit www.centricconsulting.com

About Centric Consulting    

Centric Consulting is an international management consulting firm with unmatched expertise in business transformation, hybrid workplace strategy, technology implementation and adoption.  

Founded in 1999 with a remote workforce, Centric has established a reputation for solving its clients' toughest problems, delivering tailored solutions, and bringing deeply experienced consultants centered on what's best for your business.   

Centric Consulting is headquartered in Ohio, with 1,500 employees and 14 locations. In every project, clients get a trusted advisor averaging over 15 years of experience and the best talent across the United States and India. Centric deliberately builds teams that can scale up or down quickly based on client needs, industry and desired outcome.    

Visit http://www.centricconsulting.com to learn more. Connect with Centric Consulting: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram     



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