Universal Tennis Launches into Pickleball with Event Management Software and Rating

The existing platform and marketplace will become the home of both tennis and pickleball

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

Palo Alto, CA, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Tennis (UniversalTennis.com) is announcing its entry into pickleball. The company that has transformed tennis globally with innovative event management software and the gold standard UTR Rating is now committed to elevating the pickleball experience for both the provider and the player. 

Universal Tennis communities want to organize and play pickleball, and the Silicon Valley-based technology company is excited to begin the next chapter by bringing a new pickleball rating and technology solutions to another racquet sport. Universal Tennis will offer one home for all pickleball and tennis tournaments, matchplay, draws, results, schedules, statistics, player profiles, ratings, and more.

“Our customers and communities across the U.S. are asking for a solution for pickleball,” said Universal Tennis CEO Mark Leschly. “We provide long-term valuable, reliable solutions to our partners, and we are excited to launch pickleball in our digital marketplace centered around fun, level-based play and anchored by a new world-class pickleball rating solution.”

Starting in early 2023, all Universal Tennis customers will have access to the new pickleball rating and event management software at no additional cost. Anyone can click here to learn more.

Universal Tennis will carry its success as the creator of the world’s most accurate UTR Rating for tennis and the largest U.S. operator of tennis events into pickleball. The leading tennis innovator will use its proven software and established credibility, expertise, and global reach to enhance and grow the sport of pickleball. 

Universal Tennis has proven its unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and pathways for players in all stages of life, to enable better quality play, and unlock a more fun, accessible, and flexible experience on the court.

“The technology, rating, and tools Universal Tennis offers are unparalleled and have changed the game of tennis for both players and providers,” said Sean Bollettieri, President and owner of The Tennis and Pickleball Club of Newport Beach. “Expanding to pickleball maximizes the innovative solutions Universal Tennis offers by reaching more players, enabling more play, and equipping providers with the ability to use the proven software for another racquet sport."

Universal Tennis believes in fostering play for all by providing clubs and organizers with the technology to power their events and grow participation. Universal Tennis will enable local communities and its 10,000+ customers (composed of clubs, recreational centers, academies, colleges, high schools, and more) to use the pickleball rating and event management software to create fun, accessible, competitive level-based events.

With access to Universal Tennis' innovative technology, players can enjoy more local, level-based play, track their progress, and grow their community. Providers will manage their pickleball events and digital membership using the software features that they already know and love. 

"Universal Tennis has created the gold standard in tennis, and all the technology and solutions are perfectly transferable to pickleball,” said Ken Solomon, Universal Tennis board member and President of Tennis Channel.

As a trusted, long-term partner in tennis, Universal Tennis will deliver the same in pickleball with a full suite of products tailored for pickleball. Providers and players will have the ability to choose and participate in tennis only, pickleball only, or both sports.


About Universal Tennis

The mission of Universal Tennis is to connect and grow the sport of tennis through innovative events, a global digital marketplace, and level-based play. This goal is anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate tennis rating system. Universal Tennis provides the tools and solutions to make the UTR Rating relevant and valuable to players, coaches and organizers in their local tennis communities. Players from all over the world, in all stages of life, can find better matches, and unlock a more fun and flexible tennis experience through Universal Tennis. Go to ​universatennis.com to sign up, activate your player profile and join the global tennis community. Watch our video and connect on social @​UniversalTennis.​

Starting in early 2023, Universal Tennis will offer one home for tennis and pickleball, beginning a new chapter by bringing a pickleball rating and technology solutions to another racquet sport. Universal Tennis will enable its customers to use its pickleball rating and event management software to create accessible, competitive level-based events.


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