GroupSolver encourages users to stay curious and ask “why” through their new branding initiative

Behind every business decision is the data to support it, and beyond that data is the story behind it.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the wake of their company’s rebranding, GroupSolver Inc., an intelligent research platform, names themselves “Data Storytellers” and promises to help customers uncover the ‘why’ behind their raw data. With a compelling new tagline, “Stay curious. Ask why.”, the startup grounds itself in the importance of being inquisitive by encouraging businesses to ask questions and using their cutting-edge, AI-powered technology to help answer them.

The technology behind GroupSolver’s intelligent survey platform is intricate, but its intention is simple: To ease the stress of research and data analysis by effortlessly uncovering the story behind complex research questions. Through allowing researchers to efficiently quantify their qualitative data and quickly gather insights tailored for their business needs, GroupSolver inspires researchers to be their most curious selves. From concept testing and brand perception to customer and employee experience, this company has the technology and analytical expertise to confidently answer the question of “Why?” behind any difficult business ask.

The magic of a GroupSolver survey starts with a process called “ideation”, where respondents answer open-ended questions and the unique platform uses crowd intelligence and machine learning to filter out gibberish, duplicate answers, profanity, and more in real time. The platform also has a “sentence splitter” feature that divides responses containing multiple ideas into single, atomic ideas prior to evaluation. In the “evaluation” stage, survey participants are asked to agree or disagree with each other’s responses, revealing the "statistical support” for each answer—A metric that tells researchers what percentage of the sample would agree with an answer entered by a real respondent. A dynamic, self-calibrating algorithm then organizes the answers into themes in a process called “synthesis”. For example, this process can take 2,000 verbatim answers and condense it down to anywhere from 50-100 unique, valuable responses. This is when the story behind the data becomes clear and digestible.

At its core, GroupSolver is a company built by the curious, for the curious. In the words of the company’s CEO and Co-founder, Rasto Ivanic, “My job description commands me to work with people who have the same nagging drive to challenge the way things are, to be unafraid to dig deep into the unknown”. Fostering a work environment that encourages employees to raise important questions has pushed its employees to serve as a steppingstone between curiosity and discovery for their clients, including big names like adidas, Amazon, and IRI.

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