ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. Survey Reveals Business Trends in Document Translation for Global Expansion

Language translation services prove vital for protection, trust, hiring and cooperation

DALLAS, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Language translation for global business is a complex and critical process with much at stake for any organization. A recent survey by ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. identified the six business document types most often translated during a global expansion, highlighting what aspects of business are most vital in international expansion and organizations' need to protect assets and processes with precision translation service.

ASTA-USA's internal survey found that the most frequently translated documents were contractual materials and licensing agreements, making up 43 percent of the document types that ASTA-USA translates.

The other most commonly translated documents were operations manuals and human resources documentation (about 25 percent), and product information manuals (about 20 percent). Website content, code of conduct documentation, privacy policies, and general communications account for 8 to 15 percent of translations.

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. said the results reflect businesses' recognition that translation by experienced linguists is necessary to ensure an accurate interpretation of the legal terminology and reflect any cultural nuances within these documents.

"These specific document varieties play an essential role in a business's successful expansion into a foreign market. Consider why a business would need to draw up legal documents in their source language," said Alain J. Roy, president and founder of ASTA-USA. "You require protection for yourself and your business, you want to create trust with prospective clients, you want to be able to hire the best staff, and you need complete, official cooperation with other parties and businesses. That is what expert translation services provide you in the international arena."

Documents translated by ASTA-USA are not compiled via generic templates or AI algorithms, Roy noted. Instead, they are drafted by legal experts and are specific to the entity, with consideration of the source language. 

"Maintaining the same standards of accuracy, completeness, and confidentiality is essential when translating business documentation into target languages," Roy said. "Relying on translation tools or translators who lack legal expertise may cause serious repercussions, such as miscommunication, expansion delays, and even legal disputes or fines. For that reason, legal documents make up a significantly greater portion of ASTA-USA's work for companies operating in or expanding to new foreign markets," he added.

ASTA-USA offers premium translations in more than 70 languages for a variety of industries. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it has offices and Translation Directors worldwide to meet global business needs and maintain total accuracy and confidentiality. ASTA-USA's certified language translators are native speakers with industry-specific knowledge and a minimum of 10 years of translation experience. To learn more about ASTA-USA's international translation services or to request a specialized quote, visit

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