Cell Free Protein Expression Global Market Report 2022: High Adoption Rate from Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry Drives Growth

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For decades, cell free protein expression method has been used for analysis of proteins. The most commonly used lysate include wheat germ or reticulocyte lysates. There is tremendous improvement in E. coli and wheat germ derived cell-free systems.

Further interest of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies in commercialization of these tools have led to growth of cell-free protein expression market. Surge in the research and development activities, increased interest in genomics and proteomics and demand for biologics are some of the key factors propelling the growth of cell-free protein expression market. However some hindrance while using cell-free systems is the low yield of target protein.

E. coli lysate is the most simple and well-established cell-free protein expression system for high yield production of prokaryotic proteins. In eukaryotic system most widely used is rabbit reticulocyte lysate (RRL) cell free protein expression system. It is more efficient and reduces the probability of error when compared with E. coli system.

White germ lysate is another eukaryotic expression system, which is popularly used and yields higher output compared to other eukaryotic system and used for large size protein expression method. Insect cell lysate is also used for large-size protein expression. Mammalian cell free protein expression method is anticipated to the be the most fast growing segment of cell protein expression market due to most preferred option for production of human protein. Rising demand for biologics and proteomics research and its application in human drug discovery is the driving factor for the growth mammalian cell free protein expression system market.

Currently, cell free protein expression is one of the most lucrative markets with a high adoption rate by the biopharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. It is being widely used in high-throughput functional proteomics and genomics.

Protein-protein interaction segments occupies the largest share of the cell free protein market expression. There is also significant growth observed in the research and development in protein production and generation of protein libraries contributing to the fast growth of protein- protein interaction segment.

Conventionally, batch expression was used for synthesis of target protein, as it is easy to handle, fast and reliable source for protein synthesis. Novel technique, continuous flow expression system is used for synthesis of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins. Continuous-Exchange Cell-free (CECF) protein synthesis system yield better protein when compared with batch reaction. Thus, continuous flow expression system accounts for large share of cell-free protein expression market, and it expected to grow in the forecast period.

Cell-free protein expression has emerged as powerful novel technology that show continuous improvement and is ever expanding. Due to advance in CFPE, it possible from small scale to manufacturing scale protein synthesis, has inspired application in genomics and structural biology, personalized medicine and proteomic industrial application. At present, North America dominates the global cell free protein expression market followed by the Europe market. Huge investment in research and development, and rising demand of protein synthesis are the main drivers for the growth of cell protein fusion market. North America and Europe region occupies more than half of the global cell free protein expression market. Asia-Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing cell free protein expression market. Rise in research and development activities, increase in funding by government and biopharmaceutical & biotechnology companies coupled with surged demand of protein synthesis is the reason for growth in emerging market such as China and India.

Market Segmentation

  • E.coli Cell-free Protein Expression System
  • Rabbit Reticulocytes Cell-free Protein Expression System
  • Wheat Germ Cell-free Protein Expression System
  • Insect Cells Cell-free Protein Expression System
  • Mammalian Cell-free Protein Expression System
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  • Vectors


  • Enzyme Engineering
  • Protein Labeling
  • Protein-Protein interaction
  • Protein Purification

Expression mode

  • Continuous flow Expression
  • Batch Expression

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Companies Mentioned

  • Bioneer Corporation
  • Biotechrabbit GmbH
  • CellFree Sciences Co.
  • Cube Biotech GmbH
  • GeneCopoeia Inc.
  • Jena Bioscience GmbH
  • New England Biolabs
  • Promega Corporation
  • Takara BioInc
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

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