6 Ways to Make Your Home Guest Ready for the Holidays

ROSEMONT, Ill., Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether you love to cozy up by the fire with family or enjoy having your house bustling with festive gatherings, the home is a special place during the holidays. As you deck the halls, it’s also a good time to add a few extra projects to your to-do list to ensure your home is ready for holiday guests.

“The holidays are a great time to take a look around your house and see what could use a little refresh before hosting or spending time with loved ones,” said Judd Larned, President, Culligan Water. “From painting and decorating to ensuring the water you cook with and offer to guests is cleaner and safer, this is the perfect time to do a maintenance check on your home.”

Here are six ways to create a warm, welcoming, and well-kept home this holiday season:

  1. Tis the season to repair, repaint, refresh – A pristine paint job is the perfect backdrop for holiday entertaining. Throughout the year, the walls of your home take a lot of abuse, from kids banging their toys into the corners and chairs hitting the walls, to the nail holes and cracks that appear over time. To restore your walls to their former glory, fill in those dents, holes, and cracks with spackle before you repaint. Once your walls are repaired and looking like new, you’re ready to paint and decorate for a fresh, updated look.

  2. Declutter – Donate, sell or toss out items that you haven’t used recently to make room for new decorations or gifts. Decluttering makes cleaning and organizing more effective, while also showing you what you may need to purchase for the upcoming holiday season.

  3. Test and filter your drinking water – As you celebrate the season with guests, you’ll want to ensure you have quality drinking water and better water for cooking. Cleaner, safer water is also the gift that keeps on giving year-round. Since most contaminants are odorless and colorless, it's important to have your water tested to determine what water treatment solution may be needed for your home. Water treatment solutions, such as reverse osmosis systems and specialty filters, reduce specific impurities that may be found in your water. Look for options that offer multiple stages of filtration, like the Culligan Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System which is generally regarded as the World’s Most Efficient RO Drinking Water System.* With up to seven stages of filtration and 12 different filter options, it is certified to reduce 59 contaminants including lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PFOA/PFOS plus 15 emerging contaminants that may be in your water.

    Starting November 22 through December 23, Culligan is offering a free standard installation on a single piece of Culligan equipment, (a $299 value), including the Aquasential Smart RO. Dealer participation may vary.

  4. Keep the cold air out and the warm air in. The last thing you want during the holidays and winter months is for the inside of your home to feel as frigid as the outside. Check your windows, doors and attic for air leakages that can cause unwanted drafts. Consider adding a door snake, caulking windows, or even adding insulation to the attic to eliminate unwanted cold air from entering the home. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s ready to cozy up next to by getting your chimney inspected. A professional chimney inspector can check for any deterioration, blockage, or buildup of potentially hazardous materials.

  5. Ensure spotless dishes and glassware – When entertaining, hosts like their dishes and glassware to look their best, but hard water can make this difficult. Hard water contains a higher level of minerals like magnesium and calcium. When it dries off dishes and other surfaces, it leaves behind these minerals as scale buildup on clean dishes. Softening your water can help eliminate this and have your dishes looking pristine. Culligan’s Aquasential® Smart High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener offers high-efficiency water softening for your home. It can optimize salt, water, and electricity, with smart features that let you track water usage & set goals and receive service notifications like low salt alerts. In addition to reducing residue on dishes, water softeners offer a host of benefits like lengthening the life expectancy of appliances and improving the softness and appearance of skin, hair, and nails.

    Any Culligan Aquasential Water Softener is also included in the free installation offer from November 22 through December 23.

  6. Prepare the outdoors, too – When it comes to prepping for holiday guests, don’t forget about high traffic areas outside the home. Be sure to clear the walkways of any snow and ice and replace outdoor lights with fresh bulbs to help guests safely navigate their way to your home.

For more information about the Culligan Aquasential lineup of products, including water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems, and solutions for business, or to find your local Culligan Water Expert, visit www.culligan.com.  

*Efficiency is based on 3rd party testing to NSF standards.

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