Sisters of the Valley Add Artificial Intelligence to Webstore

New Virtual Assistant - Specializing in the Healing Potential of Cannabis and Mushrooms

Merced, California, Nov. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley took another big step that improves the website experience of their customers by launching an artificial intelligence bot to help people figure out what products are most suitable to their specific needs.  Powered by Envolve Tech, a U.K. company, the Sisters just launched their virtual assistant in time for the holidays.

Said Sister Maria, “As science begins to take the medicine of the cannabis plant and the medicine in mushrooms seriously, we are learning things that make one’s head spin.  Mushrooms are relatively simple, but cannabis - very challenging for us to understand and keep up with the various medicinal compounds and their alphabet stew of acronyms; imagine how confused the general public must be.” 

Sister Maria is referring to new studies and the beginnings of isolating compounds and understanding what they do, compounds like CBN, CBGa, CBDa, CBC and others.  She concluded “Deploying a virtual assistant is not just a step that will help our sales, but it is a mission of enlightenment as we seek to find the best ways to teach and share what we have had to study and learn.”

“Because we care about the general health of the public and the pandemic spiked everyone’s anxiety, we developed a mushroom coffee and many people don’t understand what that is or the nutrition or brain clarity or mood stabilization that the functional mushrooms bring to us,” adds Sister Sophia.  “For eight years we have been developing tools and charts for our own understanding and though we make them available, people don't want to search for their answers any more.  They don't want to read all the articles or browse the FAQ's, they don't have time for that.  People want to be able to ask a question and get an answer, and we understand.  We are just like them when we purchase!"

The Sisters of the Valley make all their products by the cycles of the moon, by hand, and in a spiritual environment.  Every batch is tested by SC Labs, the test results accompany all products, and the products ship worldwide.



Screenshot of New Chat Bot Family Bundle with 2023 Calendar and Other Holiday Gifts

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