GlobeTopper and Knox Wire Announce $50 Million Global Payment Partnership

Houston, Texas, United States, Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GlobeTopper and Knox Wire announce global payment partnership. The collaboration will power payout capabilities worldwide.

GlobeTopper is an award-winning prepaid B2B gift card concierge firm that helps clients navigate the ever-evolving digital payments landscape.

They help their clients grow their businesses by providing them API access to an extensive and evolving catalog that includes brands from across the globe and a broad range of verticals.

Knox Wire is the ideal option to process payments to nearly 30,000 financial institutions across 190 countries. Knox Wire's real-time gross settlement system keeps track of the progress of every transaction in real time, ensuring rapid payments and information exchange across a global market.

The partnership, orchestrated by Zed Network, will facilitate same-day payouts in 190+ countries for GlobeTopper.  GlobeTopper will also utilize Knox Wire’s payout system and FX services to add new providers and expand available products.

Knox Wire's Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McCullah, says: "The partnership between Knox Wire and GlobeTopper is an exciting opportunity to allow both companies to provide better financial services globally in a dynamic digital payments environment.”

About GlobeTopper
GlobeTopper seeks to assist clients in maximizing their value in the digital economy. By accepting currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD, GlobeTopper is proud to be a forerunner in the future of digital payments. Bearing the timeous nature of payments in mind, GlobeTopper can ensure that services run seamlessly.  


About Knox Wire
Knox Wire is a cross-border payment system combining the financial messaging capabilities of Swift, with the real-time gross settlement capabilities of the most powerful RTGS systems.

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About Zed Network
Based in Toronto, Canada, Zed is a global payments technology platform that connects MSBs, MTOs, PSPs, neobanks, and fintech companies to cross-border payment options using banks, blockchain, mobile wallets, and cash networks.

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