Autocar is the first OEM to integrate Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ™ into its Always Up Display

Costa Mesa, CA, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hexagon Agility®, a world-leading provider of (renewable) compressed natural gas (RNG/CNG) systems for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions, announced today that Autocar, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks, has integrated Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ™ smart gauge into its Always Up display.

“We congratulate Autocar on becoming the first OEM to integrate our Blue iQ technology into its Always Up display, which means drivers can now view a vehicle’s information all in one dashboard,” said Ian MacDonald, Hexagon Agility’s Vice President of North American Sales. “Like Autocar, we are committed to improving safety by reducing distractions for drivers, while enabling a streamlined solution for fleets to transition from diesel to clean natural gas.”

Hexagon Agility’s Blue iQ smart gauge allows RNG/CNG trucks to operate on a level playing field with diesel trucks by displaying real-time information about the truck’s fuel management system, which calculates distance to empty, provides ongoing accurate fuel readings and instant fuel economy, and tracks trip data. It is currently available with most Hexagon Agility fuel systems.

"We are excited to offer our CNG customers a new way to monitor the performance of their Autocar trucks with an integrated solution that helps operators better understand their CNG fuel system," said, Andrew Taitz, chairman of Autocar, LLC. "Autocar and its customers have played a significant role in the shift toward alternative fuels in their respective vocational markets, and we are proud to lead the refuse industry in 3rd party system integration."

Hexagon Agility is committed to helping its customers make the transition to clean fuels; recognizing reliability and cost savings are mission-critical for fleet operations. With volatile diesel prices and sustainability top of mind, RNG/CNG continues to deliver low emission and cost-effective results to fleets.

Fleet operators understand the urgent need to replace diesel trucks with cleaner technology. Some of the largest refuse and heavy-duty fleets have adopted RNG as the key solution to combat climate change. RNG, a non-fossil fuel derived from organic waste, is a pipeline quality gas fully interchangeable with CNG and is the cleanest commercial fuel available. In 2021, 64 percent of all on-road fuel used in natural gas vehicles in the U.S. was RNG. RNG is the only carbon negative fuel and energy solution available today and will continue to help fleets achieve sustainability goals for decades to come.

Together, Autocar and Hexagon Agility are paving the path towards decarbonizing our transportation through use of RNG/CNG.

About Autocar, LLC.

Autocar, LLC, manufacturer of severe-duty vocational trucks carrying the first specialized truck brand in North America, is a proudly American-owned and operated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of trucks. Autocar’s severe-duty vocational trucks provide customers the perfect tool for their jobs with the most uptime, support, and impact on their bottom line. Autocar collaborates with customers to build trucks to their exact specifications and needs. Autocar’s purpose-built severe-duty truck lines include ACMD and ACX cab-over trucks, the ACTT and its all-electric E-ACTT terminal tractors, and the DC-64 Class 8 work trucks. Autocar recognizes that performance and uptime are everything and offers every customer 24/7 access to its ALWAYS UP® direct factory support center staffed by expert technicians who engineer and build Autocar’s trucks. Autocar promises to provide trucks that deliver the best value, provide the best service, provide a complete solution for customers’ needs, do the work right the first time, and act proactively, timely and with simplicity.

About Hexagon Agility

Hexagon Agility, a business of Hexagon Composites, is a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions. Its product offerings include (renewable) natural gas distribution systems, Type 4 composite natural gas cylinders, propane, and (renewable) natural gas fuel systems. These products transport clean gaseous fuels and enable vehicles to reduce emissions while saving operating costs. Learn more at and follow @HexagonAgility on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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