Doctors say Canada needs to do a better job with Skin Cancer

TORONTO, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A recent study out of McGill University states that melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer that has the ability to spread to other organs, is on the rise in Canada and doctors believe it is time to bring awareness to this disturbing trend.

“Many Canadians think that because we live in a northern climate that we are less susceptible to skin cancers,” says Dr. Colin Hong, surgeon and co-founder of GetSkinHelp, a service that helps Canadians get virtual attention for skin diseases. “In countries like Australia, they take it very seriously, and I think it is time for Canada to do the same.”

Time to raise awareness
Last week, a publicity stunt was organized in Australia where approximately 2,500 people lined-up completely naked on a beach to pose for a very striking picture. Billed as “Strip Off for Skin Cancer,” the initiative was geared to do exactly what Dr. Hong and many other Canadian dermatologists believe: We need to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer.

“It is all about balance,” says Dr. Jerry Tan, a dermatologist in Windsor, Ontario.. “The sun is something we all need in our lives because it helps with our physical and mental health, but people should not be reckless with their skin, either, and should maintain sun protection.”

While skin cancer may not have the same caché as other cancers, the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation states that skin cancers outnumber lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined.

“It is tragic, but in a different way,” says Dr. Thakur, a Toronto dermatologist. “While skin cancers are less likely to kill you than other cancers, they still have the ability to impact your quality of life.”

Skin cancer wounds can be painful and even bleed. And because they typically present on a person’s face, the scaring that comes from the removal procedure can impact a person’s overall wellbeing. Additionally, the treatment of skin cancer requires many hospital visits and invasive tests which can also alter a person’s work-life balance.

Tools for early detection
Most people do not act until the discomfort of a lesion, mole, or rash is greater than the hassle of seeing a doctor. Problem is, once people choose to see a doctor, they may face long wait times which in turn can really complicate their lives.

That is why prevention and early detection are so important.

“GetSkinHelp was created specifically for that reason,” says Dr. Hong. “People can use our AI to pre-screen for skin cancer and at the same time book a virtual appointment with a doctor to confirm those results.”

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Richard Pietro
Communications Liaison