PRESS RELEASE: Major Global Manufacturing Company Takes a Technology Leap in Automation and Safety by Choosing SSH as its Cybersecurity Vendor

Helsinki, Finland – December 08, 2022 – A major global manufacturing company has selected SSH's PrivX IT/OT convergence solution to support and automate their access management processes and increase the overall security of their production facilities and IT.

With a total value of more than EUR 1.2 M, the deal consists of licenses, support, and professional services. Approximately half of the transaction will be recognized in Q4 2022, and the remainder over the next five years.

A new major manufacturing customer strengthens SSH's position as a trusted provider of cybersecurity services for multinational heavy industry and operational technology. The deal is in line with SSH's land and expand strategy, where we expect the value of the order to increase in the future.

Automation, safety, and operational continuity
The customer was searching for a solution that would automate their access management processes and increase the overall security of production facilities. Today cybersecurity goes beyond organizational boundaries, so our mission was also to increase security in the management of the subcontracting teams and reduce the overall risk related to shared passwords in the organization.

"This new customer demonstrates how PrivX has established itself as the leading next-generation Zero Trust solution for operational technology and critical infrastructure in the global PAM market. The manufacturing industry is undergoing dramatic digital transformations because of the Industrial Internet of Things. Cybersecurity of operational technology is not just about insurance and protection against cyber-attacks anymore. It is, above all, about ensuring the safety of business continuity and the capability to deliver long-term customer promises, and we are happy to help our customers achieve these," says SSH's CEO Teemu Tunkelo.

PrivX is a next-generation Privileged Access Management solution
PrivX is a lean, quick-to-implement, and easy-to-use access management solution for privileged access in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments. PrivX helps clients flexibly enable, monitor, and control access to critical infrastructure, production assets, and data according to user roles and privileges (RBAC).

PrivX also automates processes, improves governance and compliance, strengthens supply chain security and secure access of 3rd party players, and compounds management of on- and off-site secure access to IT/OT targets in hybrid environments.

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