Sisters of the Valley Launch Mushroom Spore Kits

Are you ready to grow your own mushrooms?

Merced, California, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sisters of the Valley are now making and selling mushroom spore kits so people can grow their own at home.  The environment requires temperature-controlled darkness for the colonization phase and temperature-control with indirect daytime sunlight for the fruiting process.  The fruiting stage also requires misting to feed moisture to the growing mushrooms.  These first varieties offered all have a short grow cycle of 30 to 40 days.

“Anyone can do it and our kits make it easy,” explained Sister Sophia, who has a passion for all plant medicine.  “And functional mushrooms are medicinal because they help people heal.”

The Sisters are offering Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane spore kits to start, as those are two strains of functional mushrooms the Sisters are growing for their Super 17 mushroom coffee.  The customers can order the spore kits on the Sisters' store and choose the variety.  The package is inoculated by the Sisters in their lab and shipped the same day.  Customers are advised not to leave their packages in uncontrolled temperatures and to be ready to open the box and read and follow the instructions when it comes.

Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane mushrooms are increasingly under study for preventing a variety of illnesses like Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s and are used in Japan and other places for helping patients bounce back from the side effects of cancer treatments. 

It is the potential of the fungi to fight depression and anxiety that most interests the sisters.  Said Sister Kate, “There is a mental health crisis in America that traditional medicine can’t solve.  Most practitioners don’t even try to solve them, and the system is sized for about ten percent of the population that is in need.  So a scarcity of doctors, and a scarcity of solutions, combined with a history of the food industry encouraging plant medicine ignorance, all of those factors come together in a perfect storm of need to understand varieties and to grow-our-own plants.  The spore kits are just part of a wider activist movement for people to solve or mitigate their own health problems through plant medicine.”

The Sisters of the Valley built their reputation on a line of CBD products made by the cycles of the moon, by hand, and in a spiritual environment.  Every end batch of products made by the Sisters is tested by SC Labs, the test results accompany all products, and the products ship worldwide.  The spore kits are intended to help people learn - to educate themselves on mushroom varieties and the medicine they carry.   The Sisters begin taking pre-orders today for the kits and will begin shipping on the 20th of December.



The Sisters' New Mushroom Spore Kits Lion's Mane Mushroom Spore Kit

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