LambdaTest Certifications crosses 2500 awardees with over 10,000 registrations

Certification courses like Selenium 101, Cypress 101, and Selenium Advanced have a lot of takers

San Francisco, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LambdaTest, the leading continuous quality testing cloud platform, has reached the landmark of 2500 certificates and over 10,000 registrations with its LambdaTest Certifications initiative.

The certifications program caters to individual learners and corporate clients looking to upskill their employees. These resume-worthy test automation certifications are divided into beginner and advanced levels. After a thorough assessment, candidates are awarded the certificate.

“We started LambdaTest Certifications with the aim to provide real-world test automation skills to our candidates. We are overwhelmed with the reception we’ve received and we are constantly looking for skill sets that need to be added,” said Asad Khan, CEO, LambdaTest. “Our assessment ensures that candidates learn to use the skill set in a daily job setting and we’ve often heard from our enterprise partners on how useful the certification has been for their employees and in turn, their QA process. Nothing else could make us happier!”

"LambdaTest Certifications has played a crucial role in upgrading my testing-related skills. More importantly, I am not just getting a certificate, but developing key job-related skills due to the practical assessment process. Using the acquired skill daily gives me immense satisfaction and the certification gives me a professional edge," said Francesco Annunziata, a candidate of LambdaTest Certifications.

LambdaTest has also recently launched HyperExecute, a next-gen smart test execution and orchestration platform that helps testers and developers run end-to-end automation tests at the fastest speed possible.

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing cloud platform that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Over 10,000+ customers and 1+ million users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs.

LambdaTest platform provides secure, scalable, and insightful test orchestration for customers at different points in their DevOps (CI/CD) lifecycle:-

Browser & App Testing Cloud allows users to run both manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps across 3000+ different browsers, real devices, and operating system environments.

HyperExecute helps customers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud for any framework and programming language at blazing-fast speeds to cut down on quality test time, helping developers build software faster.

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