Simplifya Expands Operations to 28 States; Launches Suite of RegTech Solutions to Keep Minnesota’s Cannabis Ecosystem Compliant

Minnesota’s Cannabis Ecosystem Can Now Access Simplifya’s Standard Operating Procedures, Smart Cabinet and Self Audit Platforms – Designed to Help Legally Run Cannabis Operations, Efficiently Keep Track of Critical Inspection Documents and Manage Compliance Requirements

Following Midterm Elections, With Democrats Gaining Control of Minnesota’s State Senate and Gov. Tim Walz Deeming Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization a Priority, Simplifya’s Product Suite to Ease the Burden of Mounting Regulatory Pressures

DENVER, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simplifya (“Simplifya” or “the Company”), the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry, announced it has expanded the Company’s operational footprint to 28 states with the launch of its core suite of cannabis compliance solutions in Minnesota. The Company’s suite of RegTech solutions include Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”), Simplifya Smart Cabinet (“Smart Cabinet”) and Simplifya Self Audit (“Self Audit”), which have been specifically designed to help cannabis and ancillary businesses stay abreast of regulatory changes, cost-effectively manage risks and remain legally compliant under Minnesota’s laws.

In May 2014, Minnesota enacted the Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research Act, but the state’s program was generally regarded as one of the most restrictive in the country, due to the limited number of qualifying conditions, lack of accessibility and limited forms of cannabis permitted. However, recently the state expanded its qualifying conditions for patients from nine to 19, the number of dispensaries from eight to 14, enabled retailers to sell dried flower – one of the most popular forms of cannabis – and in July, a new law permitting the sale of edibles (“gummies” and “chews”) and infused beverages took effect. While last May, Minnesota's then-Republican-controlled Senate blocked Democrats’ move to advance an adult-use marijuana legalization bill, Democrats gained control of the Senate in last month’s midterm elections, and now Gov. Tim Walz is making adult-use cannabis legalization a priority for the upcoming legislative session. With the recent legislative changes and the expected shift to adult use in the near future come a host of new regulatory challenges that operators must stay on top of.

“With Minnesota legislators broadening patient access and the scope of the state’s medical marijuana program, more opportunities for cannabis operators, entrepreneurs and the ancillary businesses that support them are opening up,” said Simplifya Co-Founder and CEO Marion Mariathasan. “For in-market businesses and those looking to operate within Minnesota’s cannabis ecosystem, it’s critical to be proactive about compliance. As the state’s medical program grows and the prospect towards adult use being enacted becomes much more likely, the regulations that businesses need to adhere to will change. Armed with our suite of RegTech solutions, entrepreneurs are able to efficiently, legally and cost effectively stay on top of compliance issues and eliminate the constant headaches, which have traditionally plagued businesses in the space. As we expand our cannabis compliance solutions, we look forward to helping individual operators and businesses thrive, strengthening Minnesota’s cannabis market as a whole and continuing to serve as cannabis’ trusted RegTech provider.”

Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Simplifya SOPs are designed to help ensure cannabis businesses are efficiently, effectively and legally running. They outline best practices and processes for the clients’ entire organization. While creating the correct SOPs can be long and arduous, Simplifya’s team of analytical and regulatory experts developed both generic and license-specific SOP bundles, which include everything cannabis businesses need to immediately get up and running. SOPs also ensure cannabis compliance by providing a comprehensive base, which can be used as is or customized to meet the client’s specific needs. If there are changes, Simplifya’s team also automatically updates the specific SOP and sends clients a notification. 

Simplifya Smart Cabinet: Ninety percent of cannabis compliance is documentation, including keeping and organizing documents, making sure no documents are expired and being able to produce documents for inspection at a moment’s notice. Simplifya Smart Cabinet (“Smart Cabinet”) is a user-friendly and convenient online document storage hub that helps eliminate the worry and stress of organizing and storing critical documents. Smart Cabinet provides businesses with a cheat sheet of every document needed based on their license, an intuitive interface, complete control over who has the ability to access these documents, the flexibility to assign documents to employees and reminder features for when a file needs to be updated.

Simplifya Self Audit
Simplifya’s team of lawyers and regulatory analysts review state and local regulations to create a checklist of simple “Yes” or “No” questions to help companies determine if they’re operating in compliance with all of the rules related to their license type. If the Self Audit finds an area where a company is not in compliance, an employee can create an action to fix the issue, assign it, track the task to completion and store the corrected results in a Remediation Report for future use or reference.

About Simplifya
Simplifya is the cannabis industry’s leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform; our suite of products takes the guesswork out of confusing and continually changing state and local regulations. Featuring SOPs, badge tracking, document storage, tailored reporting and employee accountability features, our Custom Audit software can reduce the time you spend on compliance by 45 percent. For more information, visit

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