Sunlight Solutions Announces Sunlight Simplify

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight), a cloud-native provider of core administration technology and innovative insurtech services, is pleased to announce the formal launch of a new business unit focused on providing medical professional liability (MPL) administration software, Sunlight Simplify.

Building on a year of unprecedented growth in both customers and company size, Sunlight felt it was time to expand the company’s offerings for MPL insurers. By combining Sunlight’s core functionality and features specifically tailored to the unique needs of insurance companies and institutional customers, such as hospitals, clinics, facilities, and individual healthcare which require MPL insurance, Sunlight Simplify was born. Today, Sunlight Simplify, led by Bernadette Leh, is in production with multiple MPL insurance companies.

“With Sunlight in a position of financial stability and growth, it was time for us to expand the MPL-specific solutions we offer to insurers delivering critical coverage to medical institutions and providers around the world,” said Leh. “When we use technology to digitize the standard processes and workflows, we empower underwriters and case file managers to focus on what matters most – the customer.”

Sunlight Simplify additionally supports the MPL-specific requirements around underwriting complex risks, handling the billing and financial intricacies, and case file management for when policyholders need the insurer’s support the most.  As a fully funded business unit of Sunlight Solutions, Sunlight Simplify has complete and easy access to the company’s extensive MPL-specific implementation experience and with helping insurer clients successfully migrate away from rigid, outdated legacy systems. 

“With Sunlight Simplify gaining ground, we are looking forward to the New Year with a great deal of anticipation,” said Leh. “From everyone at Sunlight, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a happy prosperous 2023!”

About Sunlight Solutions (Sunlight)
Sunlight Solutions is the provider of a game-changing digital insurance solution, Sunlight Enterprise. Built for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies and managing general agencies (MGAs) around the globe, Sunlight combines the management of key insurance operations with forward-thinking insurtech services. Developed on modern, open technology and offering flexibility with rich functionality, Sunlight Enterprise untethers insurers from technology constraints and allows them to dream big, design, and deploy uniquely tailored products with rapid speed-to-market and better serve users, producers, and customers. For additional information, please visit, or contact us at

About Sunlight Simplify
Sunlight Simplify is the provider of medical professional liability (MPL) insurance administration software. The solution is designed by incorporating the Sunlight Solution’s core functionalities with specific medical professional liability (MPL) features. The enterprise supports various products tailored for hospitals, clinics, facilities, and individual healthcare providers. The processes and workflows are digitized allowing underwriters and case file managers to focus on servicing the customer, while allowing technology to handle the rest.  For more information, please visit, or contact us at