CDP Climate Change 2022: Eramet receives an A- score, placing the Group among the best in the industry

Paris, December 15, 2022, 5:45pm


CDP Climate Change 2022: Eramet receives an A- score, placing the Group among the best in the industry

In a marked improvement, the Group has just been awarded an A- score in 2022 Climate Change ratings of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a leading international organization in terms of measuring the environmental impact of companies.

Eramet is now among the leading companies in its "smelting, refining and metal forming" business sector with an A- score (up from a B in 2021 and a D in 2019), reflecting its aggressive efforts to combat climate change. This year, the Group's performance in these ratings, which assess the performance of more than 5,800 companies on a scale of A to D, using a comprehensive, independent and transparent methodology, is well above the average for the sector.

This CDP score underscores the continuous progress being made by Eramet to reduce its CO2 emissions, thanks to an action plan in which the company's long-term strategy focusing on energy transition metals is a key pillar. Eramet has set an ambitious target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% between now and 2035 (compared with 2019), by focusing on three major areas: the use of bio-based reducers, the decarbonization of purchased energy and the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

In 2022, tangible progress was made, with all the Group's sites securing ISO 50001 (energy management) certification, the development of the photovoltaic plant in GCO (Senegal), and the recovery of furnace gases at Eramet Norway's Sauda site in order to produce electricity.

In addition, this year Eramet was evaluated for the first time as part of CDP's water security ratings. The Group received a B- score, which reflects the extensive efforts being made at both its industrial and mining facilities and, more specifically, its commitment to the responsible management of the aquatic environment and to the management of runoff water in both operational and restored areas.

As part of its 2018-2023 CSR Roadmap, Eramet has made a commitment to step up its efforts in terms of rehabilitating mining sites. Rehabilitating sites more quickly will help reduce erosion and preserve the quality of aquatic environments, while recreating conditions that are conducive to biodiversity. The Group aims to achieve a ratio of ≥ 1 in terms of rehabilitated surface areas/cleared surface areas over the period 2019-20231. In the period 2019-2021, the target was comfortably met, with a ratio of 1.32.

Virginie de Chassey, Chief Sustainability and External affairs officer: "The 2022 CDP ratings are a clear recognition of the efforts made by Eramet over the past 4 years to preserve the environment and they reflect the significant progress we have made in the execution of our strategy. We are continually improving in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to restore and revegetate our mining sites. We are continuing to pursue this positive and responsible path toward progress.”


February 2, 2023: Publication of the Group's 2022 annual results

April 27, 2023: Publication of the Group's Q1 2023 revenue


Eramet transforms the Earth’s mineral resources to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to the growth of the industry and to the challenges of the energy transition.

Its employees are committed to this through their civic and contributory approach in all the countries where the mining and metallurgical group is present.

Manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium, and cobalt: Eramet recovers and develops metals that are essential to the construction of a more sustainable world.

As a privileged partner of its industrial clients, the Group contributes to making robust and resistant infrastructures and constructions, more efficient means of mobility, safer health tools and more efficient telecommunications devices.

Fully committed to the era of metals, Eramet’s ambition is to become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources for living well together.


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