Latest Fuel50 Capability Trends Report Addresses the Impact of Inflation on Organizations & Supports Workforce Agility

New Research Uncovers How the Need for Reskilling and Upskilling, Impact of Wage Inflation, and Employee Retention Concerns Warrant Timely Reflection and Helps HR Leaders Future-Proof Talent Strategies

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., Dec. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fuel50, the skills-powered Talent Marketplace solution that delivers internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling, has announced the publication of its latest Capability Trends Report™. The complimentary research report is designed to help HR and business leaders consider global trends in the context of talent strategy, highlighting crucial skills required in the workplace that will drive organizational success. Drawing from its significant experience supporting over 80 organizations around the world that have experienced positive results since deploying the Fuel50 solution, the research is backed by the company’s dedicated team of Organizational Psychologists, Workforce Architects, and AI Trainers.

Higher inflation is leading to an increased cost of living worldwide. This upward trend has impacted the tenuous global supply chain, consumer confidence and spending, interest rates, and labor costs. Workers are seeking higher wages which is adding to growing retention concerns and raising the need for better internal talent mobility programs. Additionally, the pressure to operate under new agile business models is requiring organizations to re-prioritize their focus on reskilling and upskilling their workforce to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills for the future.

Fuel50’s research has identified the transformational capabilities that companies need, on an individual, leadership, and organizational level, to create sustainable change as they navigate the uncertainties created by inflation. According to Fuel50, there are 16 trending capabilities, such as cross-functional collaboration; strategic cost management; employee development planning; and organizational agility. The report details these capabilities and offers reflection questions to help HR and business leaders evaluate the importance of each one in their respective organizations.

Anne Fulton, founder & CEO of Fuel50, commented, “Building awareness about the impact of global inflation and providing transparency to your entire workforce is a first step towards thriving during these challenging times. Those organizations looking to remain adaptive and sustain their competitive advantage will focus on democratizing visibility to learning and development opportunities to allow all employees to easily see how and where they can grow their skills, with insight into the skills most in-demand across the business. Equally important will be supporting leaders to think beyond short-term profitability by championing internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling to ensure organizational agility.”

Fulton continued, “Our Capability Trends Report is an integral part of a management playbook. It poses questions to help HR and business leaders build agile talent strategies that are not only future-proof but also will result in higher productivity, stronger customer loyalty, and better employee engagement and retention.”

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