2022: A Year of Consolidation and Growth for Tutors International

Elite private tutoring company, Tutors International, reflects on its achievements and success in 2022

OXFORD, UK: As 2022 draws to a close, Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of Tutors International, looks back at what has been a very successful year for the company. Tutors International has consolidated its position in the marketplace where it is firmly established as the world-leader in the provision of high-quality, bespoke private tuition for its UHNW Clients.

Mr Caller, who has a career in education spanning over 30 years, reminds us that Tutors International’s mission is: “…to provide world-class, effective solutions for our Clients in bigger and better ways. We aim to prioritise what matters most to our Clients and, in doing so, we hope to continue to improve our services and steer the company towards longevity and success”.

Expertise, Dedication and Diligence

The continued success of Tutors International can undoubtedly be attributed to the drive, expertise and diligence of its CEO and the company’s dedicated employees. Tutors International prides itself in employing those who are not only the very best in their field, but who have remained loyal to the company for many years. Mr Caller expands on Tutors International’s ability to attract and retain quality employees:

Tutors International engages in mission-driven marketing and so attracts those with similar values. This means that we have been able to build a committed, superlative workforce to help run our business, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and dedication. Retaining the services of key employees over many years means a lower turnover rate and helps inculcate a stronger company culture and a stronger brand reputation. We are able to draw on our own personal and professional experiences within the private tutor sector and our Clients can be assured that we have a well-established history of excellence in education. The vast accumulated experience of our employees guarantees that we are able to provide the expertise that our Clients are searching for. My colleagues and I have worked tremendously hard this year and so it’s not surprising that this has produced positive results and success for Tutors International”.

Expanding its Reach World-Wide

Tutors International continues to seek ways of promoting its services to a clientele of high-net-worth families throughout the world, and in May of this year, the company invested in an Ultra-VIP advertising package, forming a relationship with The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, an American firm which provides staffing for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families.

The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network was founded in 2007 by veteran celebrity assistant Brian Daniel, who has worked with Hollywood A-list, American aristocracy, billionaires, and royalty. He is now a staffing consultantcareer coach, and executive coach.  Mr Caller expands on the reason Tutors International decided to form a relationship with Mr Daniel’s firm:

“Unlike other tutoring companies, Tutors International conducts a customised global search for each Tutor, in accordance with each individual requirements of each Client. This exquisite attention to detail ensures that the private home tutor and the family are perfectly matched and that the ideal Tutor is working in each placement.
The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network specialises in providing staff for high-net-worth families throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Our collaboration will enable us to advertise our job vacancies to a broader audience across the globe. Tutors International excels at finding the world’s best tutors and so expanding our reach will allow us to attract the very best educators for our UHNW Clients to select from”.

Private Tuition and Academic Success

If any justification were needed to prove that employing a full-time, residential private tutor can lead to a successful educational outcome, one only needs to look at the academic success that Tutors International’s students achieved in August 2022.

Adam Caller, celebrated the success of his students in this year’s public exams saying:

“I was thrilled and proud to announce that one hundred percent of our GCSE students achieved the highest grades across the board and, moreover, that every one of our A Level students was accepted for a place at the university of their choice. I am able to say with absolute conviction that the reason these young people were able to achieve their educational potential is entirely due to the fact that their parents made the decision to employ a full-time private tutor from Tutors International”.

Mr Caller continues: “One-to-one tuition means the child is the sole focus of teaching time. A good private tutor, particularly a full-time private tutor, will be able to closely monitor and respond to the individual needs, talents and progress of a child. This is much harder to do in mainstream schooling. It’s particularly helpful for children who struggle with the one-size-fits-all approach of mainstream schools, where they may experience bullying, have special educational needs or are gifted and talented”.

Continued Involvement in Global Family Office Conferences

In June, Tutors International received a second invitation to be guest speaker at the 2022 Prestel & Partner’s Family Office Forum which took place in London. Prestel and Partner are the global leaders in Family Office Forum conferences, offering a space to meet peers, share experiences and learn about governance and investment best-practice.

The London 2022 Edition of the Family Office Forum Collection gathered 100+ Family Offices and UHNWIs based in the UK and beyond. Mr Caller featured in the ‘Modern Times and Your Personal Life’ section of the programme in which he conducted an armchair discussion with one of his colleagues, account manager, Joanna Dunckley Phillips, on the theme of ‘High-End Specialist Tuition: The advantages of individual and customised education exactly for your kid’s needs’. Both Mr Caller and Ms Dunckley Phillips drew on their considerable experience with Tutors International to shed light on how high-end personalised private tuition can enable a child to fully reach their personal potential and academic excellence. 

Such was the success of Tutors International’s presentation that they were once again invited to speak at the New York City Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in October. The Tutors International team entertained their audience with their 30-minute presentation on the advantages of specialist private tutoring, which took place in the “Learn From Peers” ‘section of the day’s informative programme. Mr Caller reflects:

I was absolutely delighted to be invited to speak at the New York Prestel and Partner Family Office Forum in October. It’s crucial that we emphasise the importance of providing a world-class education for children who will inherit a future that we won’t be a part of. I was joined on stage by three very experienced and accomplished employees of Tutors International, all of whom have worked for the company for many years. Each of us has a unique perspective on the benefits of private tuition and, between us, we were able to illustrate to the UHNWIs in our audience, that personalised private tuition can allow their child to achieve their personal potential and academic excellence in accordance with the family’s lifestyle and values”.

Referring to his company’s intention of contributing to future Family Office Forum conferences, Mr Caller had this to say:

“In the context of the recurring themes at the Forum – environmental emergency, Family Office responsibility, investment – the importance of educating young minds is the uniting common denominator. The need for high-quality education underpins all of the thoughts and discussions around our future. Positioning what we do within the context of world issues and the conversations happening between influential figures from the global elite is an enlightening, affirming and motivating experience and one which Tutors International will continue to support. I am very much looking forward to presenting for the first time at the 2023 Family Office Forum in Dubai and am honoured that Tutors International has been invited to speak for the fourth time”.

Launch of New Website and Enhanced Marketing Campaign 

With the re-launch of the Tutors International website in September, redesigned primarily with its users in mind, the company welcomed increased customer traction.
Mr Caller explains:

“Our aim was to make our website more user-friendly, easier to navigate and accessible to all. Tutors International wants to make a good impression when prospective Clients or Tutors access our site. That meant we needed to address design elements such as layout, colours, fonts and images to ensure that our brand identity was cohesive and consistent and that the site was pleasing to the eye. We understand that our Clients and Tutors need to find the information they are looking for quickly and our optimised site experience makes the navigation process much easier to achieve”.

“In addition to this we have seen exponential growth within our target digital market segment as a result of our robust marketing campaign. We have intensified our output on communication channels through our press releases, social media and promotional videos to share company news and information that will be of interest to our audience. This has increased our brand awareness and distinguished us from our competition to allow us reach even more potential Clients and Tutors. We believe that these new measures will enable Tutors International to maintain its competitive advantage in the private tuition market. Innovation sets us apart from other private tutoring companies and is the key to staying relevant. Tutors International sets the standards in the field of tailored private tuition, providing the highest level of service of any tutoring company and that’s why we continue to engage new Clients and Tutors. We want to allow our Clients to understand why Tutors International is a world-leader in private residential tuition”.

The Tutors International social media pages have also seen a much greater level of engagement over the last year, most notably on their LinkedIn page which has experienced a monthly average increase of 80% in visitors and an average increase of 81% in page views every month. In terms of the number of clicks their custom (call-to-action) button received from visitors, there was a 121% average monthly increase in traffic to their page. Their Facebook page currently boasts 3,394 followers with page visits up by 20.2% on last year.

These figures are a great barometer on how well the company’s content is being shared by its audience and testament to how well the company page is resonating with its visitors. The creation this year of a YouTube channel has also helped to promote visibility and further enhanced Tutors International’s exposure to a worldwide audience.

Embracing Latest Developments

Mr Caller believes in embracing the latest developments, incorporating them into a child's own individual curriculum while prioritising their creativity and nurturing a natural curiosity:

“This is key in shaping adults who can use their own skills to adapt and succeed in a world that their teachers may never get to experience. In private tutoring, we see time after time how focusing on a child's individual interests and talents, and adapting teaching styles and lesson planning to compliment them, results in a child who is more interested and eager to learn. Tutors International deals with Clients who are looking for 'outside the box' thinkers when selecting their private tutors. They want someone who can expose their child to a wide range of topics, concepts and ideas from an early age, and use new advancements in technology to their learning advantage. They want someone who can 'move with the times', and this paves the way for some very exciting job opportunities for forward thinking tutors, worldwide”.

To this end, in November this year, Mr Caller announced Tutors International’s collaboration with Kabuni Metaverse, the revolutionary metaverse education platform for children. Designed and co-produced with educators and world-leading education experts, Kabuni provides an evidence-based methodology for children to enter the Metaverse. It aims to prioritise the safe, responsible use of emerging technology, specifically for pedagogical innovation, to meet the learning needs of each individual student. Mr Caller explains why, despite always having been a staunch opponent of online tutoring, he was drawn to a collaboration with Kabuni:

“The pandemic showed us that online tutoring was a practical alternative to face-to-face teaching, albeit second best. Kabuni is truly striving for innovation in education and is undoubtedly the best alternative to a classroom-based education. In many respects, Kabuni’s educational platform will enhance the educational experience for children around the world. Working together, Tutors International and Kabuni Metaverse will offer an impactful solution that can support a child’s learning by integrating the best of both private tuition and technological innovation”.

Continued Success for Mentees

2022 has also seen success for those involved in the Tutors International Mentorship Programme. Launched in 2020, the programme sponsors gifted children from around the world, in order to offer remarkable educational experiences and support. Tobias Zijlstra was the first mentee. This year, Tobias has moved to Vlissingen where he will be following the nautical programme at the University of Applied Sciences. Despite many students dropping out of the programme, Tobias reports that he is finding the course interesting and is enjoying working with students from different courses, combining their knowledge to make the project work. Recently, he and others were tasked to design a communication centre and an autonomous boat for surveying and researching the Western Scheldt.

The second mentee to join the programme was Nampet Sae-Heng: a ballet protégé and gifted gymnast. Nampet is also academically gifted and a conscientious student. The Mentorship Programme helped her secure a place at reputable private school, Norwich High School for Girls. Nampet continues to thrive and excel academically, recently receiving an award for academic endeavour. She has also signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh award and achieved a distinction in her Royal Academy of Dancing Grade 6 exam and a high merit in her Intermediate exam. 

Press Coverage

Given the success and continued exposure that Tutors International has experienced this year, it is hardly surprising that it has been the focus of newspaper articles in leading newspapers, The TimesThe Guardian and, in its sister publication, The Observer. The Times Travel section and the Observer published an online article which promoted Tutors International as specialists in providing private tuition for families wishing to travel together, whilst the Guardian focused on what distinguishes Tutors International from other tutor placement companies. In addition, Mr Caller was also asked for his professional opinion for an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled 'Wealthy Families Stick With Full-Time Tutors Hired Early in Pandemic', where he confirmed that private tuition, once limited to the very wealthy, is now being adopted by families in the upper middle classes.

Mr Caller commented on the escalating attention his company is receiving in the media spotlight:

“As awareness of private tutoring increases, so does the number of media outlets wishing to report on the profession. The role of private tutors is often greatly misunderstood, particularly that of elite, full-time private tutors working in the homes of their employers, so I always welcome any opportunity to help demystify and expand upon the reality of the private tutoring industry.”

He continues: “I am thrilled that Tutors International is recognised by the media as an expert in the private tutoring industry. This is because we are exceptionally experienced and successful within our given marketplace and, as a result, we are able to provide our prospective Clients with the answers that they seek. The increasing media interest is testament to the commitment parents are making to enhancing their children’s education.”

Exponential Increase in Private Tuition Enquiries

In terms of enquiries from Clients, 2022 has been a prolific year. Mr Caller and his team have worked tirelessly, seeking the very best candidates for private tutoring positions in London, Tampa, Yvelines, Geneva, Punta del Este and Spain. Tutors International is unique in that it both recruits and employs private tutors to work with its Clients. It does not have a database of tutors to act as a pool to draw from, rather, tutors are hand-picked for each Client and a thorough and personalised search for each enquiry is then conducted.

The student’s educational needs are personally assessed, as are the family’s practical requirements. A senior member of the Tutors International team will always meet the family at home to best evaluate these requirements and draft a job specification agreement, which is approved by the Client and shared with the tutor.
Mr. Caller explained that initial assessments of the student’s educational needs and the family’s practical requirements will be followed by a targeted international recruitment campaign to identify and interview suitable private tutor candidates. The family is then encouraged to meet two candidates and spend time with them.

Once applications have been received, Tutors International follows a strict selection and verification process. Time needs to be allowed for initial interviews with the Tutors International team, enhanced identity and security checks, and thorough verification of qualifications, references, and employment history. Candidates selected to meet Clients are subject to further background screening by an external international security firm. Mr Caller stresses how important it is to factor in the time needed to find the perfect tutor:

"I had an enquiry from somebody asking if we could source a tutor to start in two days’ time. That’s simply not what we do. World-class educators are not available at the drop of the hat. They are found, then matched and then approved and this, necessarily, takes time. It is crucial that parents allow a recruitment period of approximately nine months so that we can ensure that we find the perfect tutor for their child”.

Looking Ahead to 2023

“It has been an incredibly busy twelve months”, Mr Caller concludes. “We are intent on making sure our Clients and tutors receive committed service and support. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved. Knowing we have facilitated high-quality support reminds me why what we do is so worthwhile. I’m committed to making sure Tutors International continues to provide a world-class service that contributes to the kind of academic excellence that makes changes in the world. Tutors International has built on its successes and achievements and consolidated its position in the marketplace. We will build on our reputation and continue to expand our business world-wide. Tutors International looks forward with confidence to increasing success in 2023”.

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