What Crypto Winter? BAGC Digital Collection Just Sold Out At a Blue Chip Mint Price Worth $2.7 Million

Singapore, Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  ALTAVA Group is thrilled to announce the complete sell-out of the highly sought-after BAGC collection at their Private and Whitelist rounds. The Whitelist sales round sold out in less than 24 hours, and the Private sales round sold out two days before the deadline, the total value of 5000 BAGC for two rounds equals 2,250 ETH, or $2.7 million USD (assuming 1 ETH = $1200).

In the first 10 minutes of the private sale, 80,000 server requests along with 40,000 concurrent users. This surpasses the CCU that DappRadar previously reported for blue-chip projects. 

One of the most unique utilities for BAGC digital collection is the connection between IRL and Web3 along with the IP ownership/management service. While it's important to have IP ownership in an NFT or a digital collection, most users won't know how to monetize the IP. ALTAVA IP management inclusion solves the issue by allowing users to receive kickback while leaving the licensing and monetization of the IP to ALTAVA.

“We are truly humbled by this success. We couldn’t have accomplished this without our team as well as a network of partners, influencers, and launchpads that work tirelessly with us. A special thanks to Elite Apes who first believed in our vision and kickstarted this entire project with us. We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the sale and helped make this collection a resounding success. This is just the beginning - but what a beginning. '' said Andy Ku, Founder and CEO of ALTAVA Group. 

“Despite global inflation, recession, and deep crypto bear market, ALTAVA managed to pull off the improbable and sell out their collection at the Private and Whitelist rounds is nothing short of amazing. They are one of the best teams we’d ever worked with. Ape supports ape.” said Jason Au, Founder of Elite Apes. 

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ALTAVA Group is a Singapore-based company with offices in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and Paris. ALTAVA is the luxury fashion metaverse that enables users to discover, interact, and express themselves through a hi-fidelity avatar. The Company operates WOY (World of You), a metaverse that provides Omni-platform experiential solutions which seamlessly connect consumers to the real-world and virtual world for high-end luxury brands and discerning partners.

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