Candyoni Maison Launches Line of Luxurious Lickable Oils

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Candyoni Maison is bringing honesty, humor, and eroticism back to the boudoir with the launch of their Luxury Erotic Lickable Oils. 

Just in time for the New Year, the straight-talking edible oïl company has created a massive, exciting range of lickable oils, with cheeky names like The Forbitten Pie™, Cinnamon Toast Lunch™, and 27 more. Described as Luxury Erotic Lickable Oils, each 30ml glass bottle is made in the US and filled with the finest natural ingredients and flavorings.

Bringing a smile and a laugh back to the bedroom, Candyoni Maison describes their 'Elixirs' coquettishly as a range of vibrant flavors with baked-in nostalgia. Lucky Green Apple™ transports customers to the taste of candy apples at the fairground, while 50 Shades of Salted Caramel™ is reminiscent of hot summers. 

Candyoni Maison's mission is to encourage consenting adults to talk openly, laugh and enjoy their foreplay. The sexy startup company believes that in exploring sex - whether coupled or solo, edible oils designed with love and care to delight and please should be included.

Here's the science bit. All arousal originates in the brain where input from touch, vision and sound combines with taste to entice. Often understated, taste and smell are major factors that get the engine running. Both men and women experience different levels of stimulation based on the density and number of taste buds on their tongues. 

With brands like The Swimwear Branding Agency, Candyoni Maison's Luxury Erotic Lickable Oils is the second brainchild of Creative Director and CEO Stephanie Perry. Founded in early 2022, the process to create the perfect flavors has been a long, exciting, and enjoyable journey. Explaining a little about the process up to this point Perry said, "I love the feedback from our clients, and their stories. I love the happiness our oils bring." But now the feedback is in, and the beta testing is done, she's delighted to launch the final products. Unable to hide her delight she explained, "We're thrilled to introduce our lickable oils to the world!"

For Perry and the team at Candyoni Maison, sex, sexuality and empowerment should be talked about openly by women and men. Communication around sex is key to a healthy sex life. As a female-founded business Candyoni Maison understands the prevalence of internalized sexual hang-ups. But as a brand, they are keen to challenge both men and women everywhere to be bold.

The ultimate multi-sensory experience is coming to a bedroom near you - New Year's Day 2023. In-stock orders ship starting Jan. 9. Order today and you'll be enraptured with anticipation. 

Use code 'Lick' at www.Candyoni.Maison for 25% off your first order. Gift cards excluded.


Editors notes: To learn more contact Candyoni Maison at press@Candyoni.Maison or visit www.Candyoni.Maison. 

Follow the brand on Instagram: @Candyoni.Maison or Facebook:

Grand Opening - New Year's Day 2023. Limited Stock Available now with Pay later pre-orders available once sold out. 

Stephanie Perry
CEO & Creative Director

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